Same Sex Marriage

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Same Sex Marriage


Marriage between same sex is for the marriage legally or socially recognized same- sex or gender. Also known as same sex marriage, same sex marriage and equal marriage, this union legally recognized cohabitation relationship and homosexual couples to equality in marriage with a heterosexual, keeping the nature, requirements and legal effects that had been previously recognized marriages.

Although there are echoes of marriages between same sex from antiquity, the modern institution of marriage legally recognized same-sex has developed mainly since the beginning of XXI century. In 2001, the Netherlands were the first state to recognize this institution and has subsequently been extended to 10 countries and certain subnational entities of two countries. The debate on this is intense in many countries and several have expressly prohibited the realization of such unions.


Next to the institution of marriage, and in many cases as an alternative, an additional civil institutions, very different in each country and community, with different names such as " domestic partners "or" civil unions "(among other names), each of nature, requirements and effects ad hoc as the social, historical, sociological, legal and policy of each company (Burns). These institutions are considered by human rights movements as institutions of apartheid and often are criticized for promoting discrimination and creating second-class citizens.

Marriage between same sex is a subject of universal human rights supported by the Office of the United Nations Human Rights considers that marriage is a right belonging to all people regardless of sexual orientation. Several organizations defending human rights work to see recognized this right. This support is based on the argument of equality before the law for all citizens and on the problems of mental and physical health can lead to same-sex couples access to the prohibition of marriage. Furthermore, the recognition of marriages between same-sex permits normalization of relations LGBT .

The rejection of marriage between same sex is attributed to homophobia, or heterosexism, and draws comparisons between the same sex marriage bans and bans former marriage interracial. For some time the mainstream media strive to discredit any attempt to oppose for scientific and social ideology of homosexuality and what it represents, especially marriage and adoption by homosexuals (Cahill). There are few who argue that society progresses and has a commitment to social progress manifested in overcoming barriers that discriminate against homosexuals. Proponents of these views have tried to defame those who defend the right of children to the best family possible and society's right to propose marriage as a union between a man and a woman saying that we impose our religious beliefs to others and that impede the recognition of civil rights for all.

Not true. We are for gay people publicly register their close friendships and unions in the context of social security protection, but insist that recognition of such unions as marriage goes against the public welfare and particularly against the balance and emotional development of our children. Homosexual persons must be respected and protected as individuals, but their lifestyle should not be proposed to ...
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