Same-Sex Marriage

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Same-Sex Marriage


Marriage between same-sex is for the marriage legally or socially recognized same-sex or gender. Also, known as gay marriage, gay marriage and equal marriage, the union legally recognizes relationship and coexistence homosexual to equal marriage with a partner in heterosexual, keeping the nature, requirements and legal effects that previously recognized marriages.

Although there are echoes of marriages between same sexes from antiquity, the modern institution of marriage legally recognized same-sex has developed mainly since the beginning of 21st century. In 2001, the Netherlands became the first state to recognize this institution and has subsequently been extended to 10 countries and certain sub national entities of two others. The debate about it is intense in many countries, and several have expressly prohibited the realization of such unions.

Next to the institution of marriage, and in many cases as an alternative, there are additional civil institutions, very different in each country and community, with different names as “unmarried partners” or “civil unions”, each of nature, requirements and effects adhoc, according to the social, historical, sociological, and legal and policy of each company. These institutions considered by Human Rights movements as institutions of apartheid and often criticized for promoting discrimination and create second-class citizens

Discussion and Analysis

Supporters of same-sex marriage indicate, that the registration of marriage is the legal effect, regardless of religious norms, and that the law should follow the social changes that lead to the elimination of inequality between people - as and occurs during the last centuries, when the phase out preexisting ban on registration of marriages. In this case, they consider the right to marriage through the prism of natural rights, the rights to physical and mental health, equality before the law (Wolfson, 55).

Marriage is a special status that society recognizes committed union between a man and a woman for one reason: because their relationship is the only body capable of generating new members of the human species and because their interpersonal relationship is the most suitable for breeding, protect and educate. This service is so important and beneficial to society that deserves legal protection. On the contrary, no act gay body can generate new human beings, and no two persons of the same sex are suitable for raising and educating children who would have no respect parental / male (if two lesbians) or maternal / feminine (if two homosexuals). Are homosexuals who should bear the burden of proof and demonstrate that they can perform the same functions as marriage?

Legalizing gay marriage undermines heterosexual marriage, as well as counterfeit currency real currency weakens. Many people think that they do not affect anything that homosexuals get married. It is the same as thinking "does not affect me at all that there are people to circulate fake $ 100 bills, I am honored and would not use them, in fact, almost never see $ 100 bills” (Murdoch & Price, pp.123). However, it is clear that the circulation of counterfeit currency affects us all, because you lose confidence in the currency, people used reluctantly ...
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