Scholarly Writing Strategies And Skills

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Scholarly Writing Strategies and Skills

Scholarly Writing Strategies and Skills


The article under review is “(Engaging Students in Academic Writing skills)” by Cindy Heckenlaible, published in Journal of English for Academic Purposes, March 2008, Pages 71-86.

Research Problem

The mentioned article analyzes the efficient research that begins with locating relevant and valid information. But to be truthful, my students' research skills are mediocre at best when locating information on the Internet, and almost nonexistent when searching for print sources and complications of writing research at the academic/professional interface.

Purpose of the Study

Concern has been progressively developing in distinguishing and dealing the research writing needs of students undertaking postgraduate in English for Academic Purposes term (EAP) and related fields. This article attempts to add to the knowledge domain supporting much research writing programs by studying the complexnesses of writing postgraduate research at the academic/professional user interface (Kathleen, 2009).

Author's Findings

It is also found in this article that two professional doctorate students in the written work of writing skills and strategies on the basis of the major challenges facing, taking into account the views of discipline and evaluation of tags. Analysts review the three main aspects of the text: text that focused on the negative score writers their workplace, professional roles and beliefs, but could not explain the specific investigation related to the hand, or broader issues of research framework and text structure; self mentioned in the text of Kate frequent and embarrassing, or cover up her own agency or narrow targeting colleagues and readers, and the use of literature that involves little more than Kate's words to show their work initiative lack of awareness, combined with some questionable sources.

Although only two students read the text does not allow firm calls examination or summary of the discussion in this article have a larger corpus ...
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