School Scenario From Texas

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School scenario from Texas


Performance evaluation as well as compensation and benefits play an important role in the development of human resource. It acts as a source of motivation for the employees who are associated with it. In order to establish a strong rapport in the society it is necessary that the evaluation as well as benefits system should be based on fair practices. The interview is mentioned in the appendix.

Performance evaluation

According to principal of the school the intent of the School District is to develop an evaluation system which is explained and more comprehensive. The purposes of performance evaluation is to measure the performance of the teachers and to determine their strength, competence and to provide support and to monitor as well as mentor the growth of the teachers in order to maintain the benchmark of performance. This evaluation is done by the schools administrative department which is responsible for evaluating the teachers performance as to what is its impact on students and how can this be improved. A system of evaluation is used which is most reliable and valid so that no discrepancy remains in it. The evaluation is based on measuring the performance of the students.

Students are considered as an important asset in schools. Their performance helps to measure the schools performance, as s it is interlinked with the faculty performance which has a huge impact on the students. Strong faculty plays a major role in molding the students. As, the students will perform well it will automatically affect the students performance.

In the recent years, the practice of students evaluation in faculty performance has became a common practice and it is considered more in college performances and campuses around the country. According to the study by different researchers this practice has increased from 30% to 90%.Due to which many factors and confusion has emerged among the faculty (Kant, 1992).On the other hand apart from it this practice has also led to controversies which include the way these evaluations are used.

The unusual reason of the student evaluations of faculty is more of a summative issue but it also helps in improvement of instructors teaching improvement. These evaluations help as in how the instructor is performing in their duty. They also help in improving the performance of the faculty at a higher level. By evaluating the performance only then the changes can be met. As the student evaluation is being given subsequent importance it helps a lot in order to understand the factors and ratings of higher faculty by the students overall.

As it is mentioned above, I am taking this point in to consideration that the problem is not the evaluation but the way in which the evaluation is done. When evaluations of students for faculty are used for may structure, retention, promotion it can badly affect the faculty's performance. This type of combined use for faculty evaluations can lead to serious consequences. Faculty members can be biased by the fact that ...
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