Security Issues On Mobile Commerce

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Security Issues on Mobile Commerce

Table of Content


Background of Mobile Commerce2

Research Question5

Motivation for the Study6

Critical Analysis of Mobile Commerce7

Security Threats Arising from Mobile Commerce9

Evaluation of Studies Conducted on M-Commerce11

Emerging Trends in Mobile Commerce13


Scope and Objectives of the Research15

The Potential Value of the Research15

Research Methodology15

Future Research Directions16


Preliminary Literature Review

The term e-commerce involves business processes that place on the Internet. The most common example of mobile e-commerce involves the buying and selling of goods and services. There are different types of e-commerce activities that take place over the Internet. These activities involve business-to-business commerce and business-to-consumer commerce.

The capabilities of mobile devices to connect to the Internet have made them ideal for learning experiences as well as field work. The increasing use of mobile computing in the field of education is also facilitating the efficiency of different tools and techniques to utilise it in more effective ways (Polishook, 2005, pp. 69).

The era of Personal Communication involves an array of wireless access and different mobility services. The variety of services offered in PCS are provided through a terminal for instance, cell phone. The goal of providing a small terminal is to enable information from any place at any time. The exploration of the diverse capabilities of mobile devices has been going on since several years. The market of mobile consists of several subscribers; most of them are in developing countries. There are a number of new phones that are developed every year. The flow of innovation is extraordinary in the current era. The sales of Smartphone is growing in modern times. The tools of mobile computing are widely accepted in the current era. There are a number of tools available for editing, geo-location, social networking, business, and others.

Since the 1990s, the Internet and different forms of telecommunication have become very common in the everyday life. In the year 2005, there were as many as 964 million users of the Internet as well as 2,168 million users of mobile phones all around the world. The expansion of the Internet as well as telecommunication technology has provided the world with a gamut of advanced opportunities. The opportunities to conduct businesses and communicate information have become very advanced.

The new advancement in the field of telecommunication and commerce is the use of mobile phone for business. Mobile commerce has created a number of opportunities for businesses. Mobile phones allow users to gain access to modified services. The opportunities offered by mobile phones are not limited to commerce. In fact, those activities also involve downloading, music streaming, video sharing, and others. The GPS service is also a noticeable advancement in the area of mobile commerce.

Mobile commerce involves different electronic transactions that take place through mobile phone. Mobile commerce allows organizations to improve the reach of their market. It has allowed businesses to reduce the cost and to enhance the quality of customer service. Mobile commerce has not only benefited businesses but also users. The users have benefited from mobile commerce in ...
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