Security Plan For The Maryland Public Safety Education And Training Center

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Security Plan for the Maryland Public Safety Education and Training Center


Security Plan for the Maryland Public Safety Education and Training Center


The following paper is basically about the security plan of The Maryland Public Safety Education and Training Center is located in Sykesville, Maryland. It is operated under the auspices of the Maryland Police and Correctional Training commissions, a division of the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services. The physical plant is generally divided into two areas on grounds totaling approximately 700 acres.

The body of the paper covered the different aspects of the security plan in which different areas covered appropriately. The Maryland Public Safety Education and Training Center has a small security force which operates in the hospital premises, therefore, the paper highlighted the different security plans for the different department of the institute so that every department must be responsible for handling the security issues on its own. The author of the paper discussed comprehensively the different aspects of the plan and tried to sum up all the major areas into a single report, so that the report could be use by all the departments of the institute. As the readers move along while studying the report, it could help them to understand about the institute and also the importance of the security plan for the organization.

Following are the list of the different plans that the author covered in the paper;

Physical plant intrusion (e.g., burglary)

Property damage, interior and exterior (e.g., vandalism, theft, etc.)

Personal security (e.g., assault, personal property loss/damage, etc.)

Information/records security

Emergency planning and response

OSHA standards and violations

Hiring practices

Training practices

Legal issues unique to the site

Recommended policies and procedures (topics only)

Physical plant intrusion

Physical security in Maryland Public Safety Education and Training Center is and has been a very important aspect of how the education protects their financial assets. The organization has a methodology to assess how effective the controls present in the infrastructure of a company to act deter and control, against events that threaten the availability, confidentiality and integrity of information.

It is important to consider factors such as the control of environmental variables, control technologies access, and CCTV systems, allowing implementing controls. These controls should be result of risk analysis, where priorities are determined each above elements (Fennelly, 2004).

The addition to the use of novel and effective methodologies supported by internationally recognized companies in order to provide customers with an efficient and effective to improve the security of their most valuable assets. Security in a process, not a technology, not a product, a process that relies on technology to achieve their goals to throughout the organization. Safety must be a systemic approach by professionals in the field, to propose a series of activities, processes and products for all f synchronously uncionando exercises control, deterrents, and information, which in its together ensure that the company can achieve its business done in a timely and productive.

This policy applies to all staff employed by any third party contractors and ISX have access to the information resources of the organization. Physical security identifies threats, vulnerabilities and measures that ...
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