Security Planning And Assessment

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Security Planning and Assessment

Security Planning and Assessment

Important aspect of security planning and assessment

The following aspects are often involved in the planning of security: Mechanical and natural organization (Maurer, 2003). The physical environment of a particular area is over all considered as the natural aspect of security and also serves as the most basic planning element of security and is done by determining the areas which are isolated and those areas of the facilities where possible criminals or abductors can hide themselves or where possibly a crime could take place. Therefore, in the natural aspect of security, distances of the facilities and buildings, lightings, number of possible expected people to arrive in that area, the floor area, and the security officer's physical presence in those areas.

Informing the need of security in a facility or an area to the non security staff and the training of the security staff is the part of the organizational security. The officers for security should be well trained so that they can be on the lookout for activities which are unsafe and seem unusual and so that they can be able to effectively monitor the areas and be alerted and be able to describe a certain person or object, event, or a situation and also be adequate in handling such emergency situations which needs attention (Manzuik et al, 2007).

The use of equipments in implementing a security program such as the use of video recordings, radios, and state of the art alarm systems comes under the heading of mechanical part of security. These gadgets are very useful in documenting a threat or disturbance and are also very important in situations where the force of security provided is not sufficient to cover an area which is quite large in size.

However, these three security aspects which are specified cannot be estranged from each other, because they all are interrelated in order for the security to be much more effective and efficient in its assessment and planning and other aspects must first also be considered well. For example the physical environment needs to be assessed first before putting up the video cameras or surveillance which is a part of the mechanistic aspect (Manzuik et al, 2007).

Should the federal government assume protection for the private sector

The federal government should not be playing any role in the security of the private sector, considering the fact that doing so would only bring even more problems than it should be solving. Another important consideration is that the department's inability or ability in providing coordinated assistance when a terrorist incident occurs to thee afore mentioned entities. Also, the department would need special kind of arrangements and authorities such as the protection of information to gain voluntary cooperation and confidence of the private sector entities in an effort to maintain combating terrorism and homeland security. But the federal government should be holding the private sector to high standard and also be performing random and routine inspections of the said private sector protocols of ...
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