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Self Reflective Journal

Self Reflective Journal


What is psychology?

Firstly understanding psychology, that is the science of behavior and mind. It has derived from a Greek word Psyche that means “spirit, soul, and breath” and the logia is also from a Greek word that means studying about something. There are many different branches psychology has; some of the major ones are cognitive psychology, clinical psychology, developmental psychology, forensic psychology, evolutionary psychology, and neuropsychology, and health psychology, social and occupational psychology. Psychology plays a very important role in our daily lives.

Week 2: Research methods and ethics

While carrying out a psychological research ethics are very important part. Before any research can be carried out it is necessary that the researchers are following the ethical code of practice. Ethics also means by following the necessary rules and regulation that are to be followed while holding a research.

Week 3: Historical Theories and Personality Part 1

In psychology, knowing the personality is very vital because it is completed through certain characteristics that involve patterns of behaviors, feelings and thoughts that make every individual different from each other. Personality is factor that keeps arising in the individual and it is meant to stay constant through the life. There are different theories in psychology that are psychoanalytic theories, theories of personality and behavioral theories.

Week 4: Historical Theories and Personality Part 2

Gordon Allport was mainly known for “trait theory of personality”. Gordon kept working on the theory by observing and noting down all the terms that helped in identifying the personality traits.

Week 5: the Brain, Sensation and Perception Part 1

Brain, sensation and perception play a very important part in our senses. When I touch a cup of hot coffee the sensation that it gives me is of a hot feeling and as I touch this it promptly sends a message ...
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