Self-Improvement Plan

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Self-Improvement Plan


"Many people die at twenty, but are not buried until they celebrate the seventy-five." Benjamin Franklin

Some trends have a highly cognitive approach, while others are predominant emotions. There are a few that virtually ignore the body, while others see the body and mind as inseparable and equal. (Stuber, 1984, Pp. 268-72)

No wonder that many popular personal growths assume a unitary being and consciousness, but some trends agree that there is more to each of us if we see ourselves and the world in a practical way. Overcoming this, certainly includes exploration and confrontation of many layers some of which are obscure, irrelevant and fail to interact properly with the environment. (Sparks, 1999, Pp.52)


"Genius is the ability to sustain a vision firmly until it becomes reality." Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin states that the achievement of improvement that benefits and generates positive change to achieve growth is the real characteristic of being genius. However, overcoming includes the change, most would agree that change is inevitable and usually welcomed, but Franklin perceives it in a different way. He adds that most would also agree with the following propositions:

The improvement is a process, not just a product such as achieving a goal or passing on to a destination.

Each one of us can shape their own improvement to a significant degree.

Although we can benefit indirectly from the experience of others, we can overcome only by committing ourselves to our experiences internally.

We are individually responsible for initiating and managing the group experience through which we excel. (Lemay and Zall, 1986, Pp. 332-35)

Self-Improvement Plan

It is certainly troublesome to relate people from the past 15 or 16 years. It is very clear that the circumstances that lead to this situation can be spotted at an early stage. But the most important factor is that a person's abilities to understand and spot such conditions that might lead him into trouble.

Since then I have trouble building relationships with people, and it takes blood, sweat and tears to get introduced in a new environment. I always thought I was shy, but the truth is that I often interact with people fairly quickly, although I cannot make real friends, and the few that do are pretty lousy. When I finished my studies and left the bubble to face the real world, I finally discovered that I am socially incapable. I realized that I have limitations and that my ...
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