Sept. 11, 2001

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Sept. 11, 2001

Sept. 11, 2001

Sept. 11, 2001


On September 11, 2001, political terrorism was glimpsed at its worst. The American soul, as sturdy as it appeared to be, was truly surprised as persons all over the world watched as the Twin Towers went from two of the most astonishing structures in the world to a hill of rubble in the heart of New York City. It was a terrorist strike that instigated a weather of hate in the west in the direction of those in the east. One could smell retaliation in the air against the Islamic rebels who are believed to be to blame for the most dangerous terrorist strike ever. As persons start to apprehend their wind and method the information surrounding the attacks, one could only help but wonder how these devout and political rebels could support taking thousands of blameless lives. The reality of the matter is that the U.S. government is partially responsible for the September 11th terrorist attacks due to its political favoritism in the Middle East (Crenshaw, 1991).


Terrorism and terrorists are characterised as people who origin death and decimation through means of blasting devices and hostage taking who fundamentally origin terror for devout causes or another origin they glimpse just. After the end of the cold war inhabitants claimed that there was no intimidation to world peace .They were mistaken though on September 11th 2001 all their views altered (Perl, 2001).

On September 11th 2001 two planes were hijacked and crashed into the Twin Towers (the World Trade Center) ,inhabitants also over glancde that apparently one plane was crashed in to the Pentagon and one was heading to the White House but was brought down by the passengers in mid-flight. After the planes smashed into the World Trade Center Imploded killing a few thousand people. The Hijackers were working for Al-Quaeda a fanatical religious group who controlled Afghanistan (Heymann, 2001). Its surprising however that the Americans during the cold war helped to set up Al-Quaeda in Afghanistan by arming them to fight their soviet oppressors. After the soviet troops retreated the Americans left Al-Quaeda to run Afghanistan (Stern, 2000).

After the bombings of Sept 11th America had the worlds support in the fact that Afghanistan needed to be taught a lesson. America pledged war against terrorism and any one who harbored terrorists. Countries such as Pakistan who showed a small liking for Afghanistan backed off and let America use its airfields after this declaration of war against terror even Russia who weren't\'t great friends of America were letting the Americans use a big airbase near Afghanistan. Thus began the war on terror after NATO allowed that some action must be taken against Afghanistan and the Al-Quaeda. The coalition moved in to take Afghanistan (Reeve, 1999).

The taliban aka (al-quaeda) called upon its people to unite in a jihad (a holy war) against the evil west and America. A jihad is a Muslim holy war; all Muslims able to fight are supposed ...
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