Seven Dimensions Of Wellness

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Seven Dimensions of Wellness

Wellness is the ability to creatively acclimatize all aspects of life that promotes the quality of living by optimal level of functioning. Wellness is not just the absence of diseases or illness but a presence of various positive elements such as happiness, etc. (Corbin & Pangrazi, pp. 1) There are seven dimensions of wellness that helps a person to live with a maximum personal potential. Wellness grants responsibility in a person through self assessment and self evaluation. A person can enhance his quality of life by continuing learning about himself/herself and making changes in all the dimensions of Wellness.

The Seven Dimensions of Wellness

Physical Wellness

Physical wellness aims at strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. A body is maintained by a regular exercise, good nutrition, and monitoring of responses of the internal and external physical signs of the body including stress. It also includes avoiding harmful habits (e.g. excessive use of alcohol or tobacco) and seeking for medical assistance when required (Ryan & Deci, pp. 143). It is a basic dimension of wellness which requires you to shield your heath by having proper nutritious well balanced diet, getting involve in physical activities and daily exercise, getting proper sleep and restricting the use of harmful substances.

Intellectual Wellness

It is a dimension of wellness that refers to engagements with the stimulating and creative activities, and use of available resources to expand your learning and focus on attainment, augmentation, application and communication of critical thinking (Hatfield & Hatfield, pp. 165). In this dimension, you enhance your cognition by learning more and more through lively interaction with the world around.

Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness or psychological wellness is pertinent to one's level of anxiety, depression, optimism and self control. This dimension says that wellness is achieved if a person is able to appropriately express the emotions, cope ...
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