Sex Trafficking In The United States Of America

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Sex Trafficking in the United States of America

Sex Trafficking in the United States of America


Sex trafficking could simply be explained as the transportation, recruitment of an individual within the country of the international border between the two states. It is the harboring, transferring of people from one place to another for the purpose of profitable sexual exploitation. In many states of the world sex trafficking is done by using means such as deception, threatening, fraud, by the use of force, and some other forms of coercion. Sex trafficking, either within or outside national borders, violates basic human rights such as the right to physical integrity, equality, dignity, health, safety, or not to be subjected to violence and torture practices. The major treaties of the international human rights which also includes the CEDAW, sex trafficking considered a form of sexual discrimination and a violation of the human rights. The peril of sex trafficking generally flows from the poorer countries of the world to this richer countries of the world, because poverty gives birth to desperation, and in that desperation people often goes in the direction of selling the women and children of their country to the richer people, that have money for selling and buying individuals for the purpose of providing sexual services. This is the main reason why the victims of sex trafficking belong to some of the poorer countries of the world such as, Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The host countries that buy the people transferred from these states involves Europe, United States of America, and the Middle Eastern countries (Protection Project, 2002).

Traffickers bring children and women from all around the world to the United States of America. Most of this trafficking is done through the metropolitan cities alongside the coasts of West and the East, particularly from the state of Mexico to the states that have their borders connected to the south side of the United States of America involving the cities of Arizona, Texas, and California. According to the estimation if the United States each year almost 700,000 to four million people are trafficked each year and that about 50,000 women and children are smuggled with the goal of sexual abuse in the United States. Because of the continued inequality between men and women, women are particularly vulnerable to becoming victims of slavery-like practices.

Human Rights Watch has uncovered systematic patterns in the trafficking of women in United States. In most cases it has been observed that fraud, deception, isolation, threat intimidation, and use of physical force is applied and debt bondage to control and intimidate the women. In many cases of women trafficking is facilitated by corrupt officials, the payment of bribes to falsify documents and protect the perpetrators. Without this kind of corruption and complicity of state officials could not flourish in human beings. Many governments treat trafficking victims as illegal aliens and criminals, making them further abuse exposes. Thai victims of trafficking in Japan are frequently arrested as illegal aliens as gutters, expelled and ...
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