Sexuality In Americans Vs Asians

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Comparisons of Messages Surrounding Sexuality by Americans Vs Asians

Comparisons of Messages Surrounding Sexuality by Americans Vs Asians

Human behavior is influenced by numerous factors that direct the attention and responses of an individual. Cultural differences, societal norms, and upbringing of a person define the attitude of a person towards particular set of stimulus. Sexuality is also one of the concepts for which different people hold different views. Role of media is very crucial in influencing the people behavior and attitude towards the concept. Great variation has been seen in the mindset of people towards sexuality. Messages surrounding the sexuality concept differ greatly in Western countries from Asian countries. This paper will look at different concepts of sexuality and the role of media in influencing the viewpoint of a person in America and Asian countries.

Sexuality - Introduction

Sexuality is a sensitive issue for which people perception and attitude defines the willingness to discuss the concept backgrounds and consequences. In open culture societies, people take adaptive approach to share their views on this particular concept. In culturally bounded societies cultural norms and expectations from a person defines the significance of the issue (Francoeur, 1999). In many Asian countries, a restricted and closed cultural system has been seen when it comes to discussing the sexuality in general and specific terms (Ilkkaracan, 2008). This paper examines the rationale of the concepts formation in Americans and Asian and the proceeding impact on the messages that surrounds the concept of sexuality.

Essentialist point of view states that our sexual behaviors are formed from our genetic structuring. Contrastingly, sociologists present social constructionist viewpoint towards sexuality and its principles that suggest sexuality is a part of reality that forms our social world (Gamson, 2004). This essay seeks to explore some of many aspects that make surround sexuality in societies that are moving towards socialist constructivist viewpoint such as in American culture. Asian cultures are bounded by their old customs and traditions which restrict the person to openly share his views and discuss the concerns with others related to sexuality (Joshi, 2003).

In general terms, sexuality is defined as any form of pleasure which is or can be derived from body. Due to nature of our environment, it is essential, but never entirely satisfied concept. Although formation of factors related to sexuality is not completely defined but strong concern of person towards cultural norms do restrict his perspective towards such concepts (Nagel, 2000).

American Viewpoint about Sexuality

American society generally shows liberal attitude towards issues that have been characterized as sensitive and restricted in other societies. Americans do hold a straight forward concept about the sexuality and its associated implications. In general context, Americans argue that our sexual behavior is 'fixed and inborn', and therefore influences of outside factors decreases to alter the perception regarding sexuality (William, 2007). These external influencers include society, family, culture, and peers.

Americans have a constructivist viewpoint towards sexuality (Freitas, 2008). If we compare the message and perceptive thinking point with of ...
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