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Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams


Sherwin-Williams are an international leader in the manufacturing of paints for the Home and Work, as well as for segments of the wood care, Aerosol, Art, Automotive Refinish and Industrial Maintenance. Its history dates back to 1866, when Henry Sherwin ventured to set up a small painting business in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. New members were entering the business, but only one remained active: Edward Williams (John, 2005). In 1927 he installed in our country the first official dealer of Sherwin-Williams. Since then, maintains a profile of leadership and innovation, surprising the market each season with new products, applications, color palettes and maintaining strong communication with professionals and retail outlets. Sherwin-Williams are a famous global manufacturer of paints and coatings with a history of innovation. Since its founding by Henry Sherwin and Edward Williams in 1866, the Sherwin-Williams Company has grown until it is the largest paint producer in the U.S., and the following was also all over the world.

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Give color to your world




Cleveland, Ohio, United States


Manufacturer of paints and coatings



Even today, the pioneering spirit at Sherwin-Williams is alive, with the formulation of new products that are more resistant and more durable, easier to use and environmentally friendly. As an alternative to the traditional polymer-based paints with solvent, the engineering department of the company has paint on water - and HS developed resin-based, VOC compliant, excellent in the use and performance.

Historical Background

Henry Sherwin venture to set up a small painting business in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. New members were entering the business, but only one remained in operation, the name Edward Williams. The new company began operations under the name of Sherwin Williams & Co. While the competition is dedicated to the trade only linseed oil, Sherwin Williams's depth studies on the U.S. market for paints, looking for new strategies. In 1880 Sherwin Williams opened his first production unit. Created and launches SWP (Sherwin Williams Paint), the first can of paint ready for use, it becomes a blockbuster. The logo of the brand that started with a chameleon on a painter's palette, it mutates to the concept of turning a product a can on the globe, forming the official logo for Sherwin Williams, synonymous with quality and consistency in America. Sherwin Williams publishes first Home Decorator, a magazine that quickly became a source of reference, inspiration and information for architects, professional painters and homeowners.

Ratio Analysis

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