Shewin Memorandum Draft

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Shewin Memorandum Draft

Internal Memorandum

To: Thomas Mayer, Esq.

By: Rosemary Scordamaglia, Lawyers

Date: November 12, 2008

RE: Case Ima Shewin

There are several possible causes of action that Ms. Shewin may bring an action on. Ms. Shewin more than 40 years and has a level of education and experience at the junior editor, but was transferred to work. The situation was given to 26-year old man from outside the company.


Ima Shewin is a 45-year-old African-American higher education in English and journalism from the University of Chicago. She used to chatter, a newspaper in Atlanta, Ga., for 10 years. She shuddered as the entry-level researcher. Two years later she was promoted to a junior-level reporter position, and two years thereafter, to a high-level reporter position. She is currently a high-level reporter for the past six years.

In the first eight years of work, Shewin said George Doright. Two years ago, talking about reorganization and Doright was transferred to another department in the company. Since then, Shewin said Arthur King, editor in chief talking to. After the reorganization, two editors of pensioners. Although Shewin apply for these positions, they were offered to her. In fact, she was only invited for an interview at one of the positions, although it seems that she met the qualifications for both.

Last month, she applied for the post of assistant editor, she has been after for several years now. (Kesluk 2008) On the basis of qualifications, which were identified in the classified ad at work, she feels Shu-in. She applied and was interviewed. Interview with Mr. King did not do as good as she hoped. The interview took place during lunch at a restaurant. King began the conversation, engaging in seemingly innocuous social banter, but Shewin not satisfied with his personal questions about her relationship with her boyfriend. A few weeks after the interview, the company announced that it had hired Gene Wiese, someone outside the company. (Carey 2008)

The King has a reputation for making sexist comments, which few women in the company can be considered insulting, as the number of men. He also asked Shewin of "talk business", an invitation she declined. She believes that the refusal of it, perhaps something to do with her not to get a job.

Apparently, people whose cabins were around Shewin had the habit of discussing their weekend date in detail in the morning on Monday. Although they do not make these comments directly Shewin, conversations were loud enough, and she heard them regularly. After months of hoping that they will stop, Shewin brought this matter, Mr. Doright, who said sternly employees to cease such behavior. However, since King Arthur was a senior manager, her colleagues returned to their old behavior, and the King took no action against them, despite the repeated complaints Shewin to him. In fact, Shewin said King laughs conversations as he walked past. He, however, did not participate in conversations.

Lastly, Shewin more than 40 years, and there are fears that it ...