Shift Work Ethics

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Shift Work Ethics

Shift Work Ethics


Nursing is a profession where their main essence is to care for healthy people or those suffering from an illness establish a supportive relationship with all individuals who are in a healing process, rehabilitation or terminal phase. Thus, as individuals, families and communities are the epicenter of nursing care, which must be exercised, based on respect for human dignity through compassion, responsibility, fairness, quality of care (Federation of Nurses, 2008). To provide this quality of care in addition to material resources, with a good working environment, the nurse must be kept current through continuing education. In that sense the Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU), must have a highly qualified nurses, with a great sense of responsibility, sensitivity, wisdom, i.e. having excellent training in ethics (Bolivar, 2009).

Ethical Dilemma

Responsibility allows us to answer for our actions, be clear about our priorities, this paper discusses a situation where it is immersed an ethical dilemma, which occurs some time ago in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of a prestigious private Health located in Chicago State, which clearly demonstrates the violation of the Ethical Principles and Code of Ethics of United States, Human Rights including the most basic is life. The purpose of this paper is to give the reader an ethical analysis of situations where this immersed an ethical dilemma, to promote the teaching of it (ICN, 2009). Ethics allows us to grow, to be free, to be fair and understand that there are other beings that have needs and desires, as well as ethics is the art of care with which he develops sensitivity to pain, suffering, physical, mental and to generate spiritual solidarity that is doing something to mitigate or remedy the situation (Monica, 2009).

Ethical principles guide human behavior they provide evidence to analyze the situations that arise in daily life or in our profession for the exercise thereof. It allows us to make decisions based on them, tending to respect the person, beneficence, non-induced damage, distributive justice, to respect the sanctity of human life, namely ethics is our consciousness that allows us to reflect about our actions, because only through reflection can change our behavior (Molins, 2008).

Ethics Case Study


In the area of ??a clinic Utin recognized, in the night shift 7:00 pm to 7:00 am a professional laboratory named Mary who shared their activities with a nurse's aide, that professional is responsible for the area during their shift (ICN, 2009). A day in the morning hours of order and leave the service ready for delivery on duty was Maria doing the nursing report was so focused on their activity at that time the unit enters the intensive care physician on call who will return to find the keys to his car, which gets forgotten and that the only patient preterm's located in the incubator with continuous monitoring, hydrated and so on. ... Crying, the doctor goes to Mary and asks why baby cries? She answered without seeing the face and continues to ...
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