Should Abortions Be Legal?

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Should abortions be legal?

Should abortions be legal?

I've always been a supporter of women's right to choose. It's not just that I am a supporter of abortion. I've never had one abortion, and I do not think I could. However, I should have the right to decide what I - he was not forced on me. My position on abortion is really very simple - it must be legal, safe and rare.

The most important reason for my conviction that abortion should be legal and safe is very closely linked to women's rights. A society that controls and shackles the freedom of women cannot be completely free. I believe this issue is one of power and control - of domination - over women. If men could get pregnant abortion would not even matter. Pregnancy and child care has long been a way that men have control and dominate women, as well as restrictions on their education and professional life. When abortion is prohibited or restricted by law, then it becomes even more on monitoring and discrimination - aimed at the lower classes. We know that abortion will never disappear completely, at least as long as the generic fault tolerance of birth control does not exist, and that people can get money safe abortion here or abroad. On the prohibition of abortion simply ensures that the poor and disadvantaged will not be safe alternatives. (Rose, 2006)

Stripped of moral, religious, and legal considerations, abortion is simply the termination of a pregnancy. But there is nothing simple about abortion or at least, debates over abortion, and the contest over whether and when abortion should be legally permissible has been at the center of the so-called culture war. The abortion debate has shaped party politics, electoral campaigns, legislative agendas, and judicial appointments. It has led to political rallies, protests, blockades, bombings, and the killing of abortion providers. The lasting conflict and the reach of the controversy into debates over stem cell research, sex education, fertility treatments, population control, and more ensure that abortion will remain newsworthy.

From some moral, religious, and cultural vantage points, abortion is murder. Others view abortion as a fundamental right that, whether grounded in privacy, liberty, equality, or autonomy, must remain unfettered to ensure full emancipation. For many, the morality of abortion depends on when during pregnancy it is performed or what an individual's reasons are for undergoing the procedure. ...
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