Should Pilots Be Armed?

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Should pilots be armed?


While this argument has lived for some time, it became especially applicable in the aftermath of the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks contrary to the United States. Many contended, if the pilots of the 9/11 planes had tools for fighting, they could have repelled their terrorist assailants. In view to prevent future terrorist attacks of this kind, or hijackings, numerous people contend that pilots should have hand-guns. Others propose that the risks of inadvertent mistakes with such weaponry are just as large as the likely benefits. (Ted P.15) When a hijacking occurs, what good is deploying fighter jets over major cities when the only thing that can be done is to take down the plane before it crashes into a sensitive location?

Thesis statement

The alternative to pilots having guns in the cockpit is for the Air Force to shoot the plane down. Pilots should be allowed to carry weapons in the cockpit. (Dave P.12)

Pilots should be armed

Airline pilots should be equipped because if the plane is being hijacked, that may be the only way to save inhabits if the plane has been overtaken by hostiles. As factual airline pilots should be equipped to defend themselves and the travelers from hostiles. There are numerous U. S. Marshalls which are put on airplanes to hold a hijacked plane from occurring, but I still believe it is a good concept for the pilots to be armed. The hijackers could get past the Marshall and make their way to the cockpit which would be a very unsafe scenario. If the navigate was equipped, this could save hundreds of inhabits as the hostiles would not anticipate the navigation to have a weapon. (William P.14)

Airliners offer a very "soft" goal to promise terrorists. Since the 1970's, all travelers have been screened to double-check that tools for fighting were not conveyed aboard an aircraft. Since late 1987, pilots have undergone the identical screening. The outcome is a virtual assurance to terrorists that if they can convey any kind of tool for fighting on board, they will be the only equipped individuals on board and will be, in detail, in order of the aircraft. (Elliot p.29) As it has glimpsed, the tool for fighting can be little, effortlessly concealable and apparently innocuous. On September 11th, terrorists utilized box-cutters and little knives. Sharp, hefty ink ballpoints, hair accessories, plexus-glass and artificial tools for fighting are a couple of demonstrations of pieces that could be utilized to hijack an airliner. (William P.14)

Security can and should be advanced, but we should identify that even the best security is restricted and imperfect. Airline journey is a public accommodation; it is in detail mass transit. Gaining get access to an airliner is not ever going to be as tough as profiting get access to a perceptive construction on an infantry setting up and any security scheme we construct will have to identify the public environment of airline travel. (Ted P.15)

APSA suggests that supplying the pilots of financial airliners with firearms and ...
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