Should Teenagers Be Required To Get Their Parents Permission To Obtain Birth Control Information And Contraceptives

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Should Teenagers Be Required To Get Their Parents Permission To Obtain Birth Control Information And Contraceptives


Teen should be able to get the information and the contraceptives because they should be able to make their own decisions. It is important for the young teen to have access to information on contraceptives, have privacy to get these on his or her own, the prevent pregnancies and lesson the number of abortions. Birth control for teens is being questioned in many states. Birth Control is the use of any practices, methods or devices to prevent pregnancy from occurring in any sexual active woman (Briggs, 261). Birth control has been around for a long time as early as the 1800s. It became controversial when mass production of products began.

Many people began to use birth control which was known as the “Pill'. Congress passed this law of the birth control to minimize the birth population. Margaret Sanger, the founder of the birth control movement believed that women should have the right to control their reproductive decisions. Around 1960 birth control came into full effect. Women began to use the pill in a result of not getting pregnant. This was also less pressure on woman to allow them not to get pregnant and avoid abortion. This was not an option for teens at the time. Today, teens birth control are much more controversy than for adults.


Parents must know that their children are receiving contraceptives. This gives the right to all parents' to guide and secure their child rights to privacy. A law was passed to respect the right of the child and the parent. This allows the child to be respected of their choice or decisions. The problems are that parents should be notified if their child obtains birth control. Even though, some states have yet agreed to the thought. First reason is that parent involvement reduces the number of abortions, second is that parents authority is undermined, lastly Birth control may harm the child's health. Informing the parent of a teenager who is in thought of birth control has been enforced in many states (Starkman, 313). They believe that parents involvement reduce the number of abortions. As the parent is involved with the teenager's decoction it helps them become wiser. Teenagers tend to use birth control as a block for not using condoms.

Also, parents are not always aware of their teen's behavior. Without parents consent it allows the child to think that they can hide what's going on. It is the parent's decision if they want their child on birth control. In addition, birth control may harm the child's health. The public citizen Health Research Group, a consumer body stated that “More than dozen studies indicating that these pills were linked to blood clots”. There were also articles about the cancer risk of the contraceptives. As the research went on a Pennsylvania-based internist show that being on birth control at a young age, before having children, increases the chance of developing breast cancer ...
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