Should The Us Legislate National Health Care Like In Germany, Canada And England?

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Should the US legislate national health care like in Germany, Canada and England?


Despite some progress, the United State of America is not well placed among the other countries in terms of various measures of health outcomes. However, health expenditures are considerably higher than compare to other countries. This contradictory situation suggests that US can improve the health system of the country while reducing or maintaining the current level of spending.

Discussion and Analysis

There are different attractive features embedded in the US healthcare system, like a large proportion in US population can obtain quality medical care, in addition, this quality is consistently being enhanced through researches, innovations and standards. However, by considering US healthcare system holistically, mainly life expectancy US is ranked third in OECD listings as potential life lost, which is a major concern for most of the people living in the US, as the country is spending a large share of its revenues on the healthcare sector.

Although there are various factors, besides the performance of the healthcare system which affects the health mechanism for US population. However, US healthcare system's contribution in the provision of health services with lowest possible cost is very significant, which makes health services accessible to a large number of population. In accordance with the 2008 economic report regarding health care sectors, the US healthcare system offers great opportunities for reformation which may help in reducing the cost of provision of healthcare services, as well as the reforms will also help in enhancing the quality of services with more accessibility by the general public.

Securing more opportunities would be helpful in achieving the key objectives of Department for Health and Human Services of US, which includes reducing the cost for the provision of healthcare services, reducing the inequalities relating to race, ethnicity, and gender in the provision of health services. The concerns are rising in the US population regarding increasing healthcare costs and number of people not having insurance for health, which makes it more important for the US Department of Health and Human Service to work towards increasing rate of life expectancy and quality of life (Herring, 252).

In order to bring the improvements in the US healthcare sector, President Barack Obama had approved a new healthcare system commonly known as Obamacare, which was heavily criticized by the Republicans as this may increase the cost which is completely against the main objectives of the Department of Health and ...
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