Significance Of War Of 1812

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Significance of War of 1812

Significance of War of 1812


The book under preview is The War of 1812 by Donald R. Hickey. The book covers The War of 1812. It entails all the important information which the reader is looking for about the 1812 war. But the major information which forms the backbone of 1812 war is discussed at length. History involves a lot of past events which come together. War does not just happen overnight. It brings with it a lot of destruction and doom. The diplomatic information is covered in detail in this book. Maps help the reader get to his/her own topic of interest.

The Author's Biography

Donald R Hickey has teaching areas of U.S History, Early National Americaand U.S Military Hisotry. He has taught extensively on these topics to his students. Additionally, his research areas include Early National America as well as U.S Wars exclusively The War of 1812. Donald R Hickey has put comprehensive focus on these fields in his career and has got renewed interest in teaching topics pertaining to American Wars.

Brief Summary of the book

Hickey believes that the main cause of the war is to address the impressments of sailors by the British Navy. There has been a high significance of Britain and France fighting out the Napoleonic wars and as a result The War of 1812 arose due to these Napoleonic Wars. I would support the role of Republicans since they have been focusing on minimizing the effects of war. Republicans played a major role in substantiating the effects of war and thus I support them.

Different Author have come up with different opinions. Some authors have focused on maritime causes, territorial restrictions and political causes. While Hickey believes that the war occurred due to the impressments of sailors by the British Navy. The Napoleonic Wars fought by Britain and France has been the major stimulant of The War of 1812 according to Hickey.

Roles of Federalists and Republicans

The competition between federalists and republicans forms a core part of War of 1812. Federalists and Republicans form a very important part of politics in any state. The contrasting needs of Federalists and Republicans forms a core part of Hickey's thesis and thus get the maximum attention in his book. He presents the ideas of Federalists and Republicans as the forces that resulted in The War of 1812.

Federalists did not want War because ...
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