Significant Life Event

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Significant Life Event

Significant Life Events

Task 1

a) Significant life event is defined as the event, history and life path examination. These events include radical changes which occurs in demographical, educational, work field, health sector or any kind of individual circumstances that happens at a particular time and particular place. In an individual life, major events like birth of children, age of puberty, marriage, death of spouse, parent, siblings or any other special person of someone's life, migrating from one place to another, big issues causing illnesses, physical incapacity of old age and some other unforgettable events can be the significant life event. Sometimes it could be about employment, its achievement, getting job or even unemployed. But this is considered as secondary events. The significant events of a person's life should include all those activities that make a deep impact on a person's life. It can include all those activities or incidents in a person's life that bring a big turn or change to his/her life and change his entire way of living (Worthen2002, pp 123).

In everyone's life, major changes could be seen which can bring on depression. One can be the demise of a family member, friend or the lovable pet. Others can be of parent's disputes like divorce, split-up, remarriages and so forth. Likewise, shifting to another place or school could also be one of the reasons for becoming depressed. Dysfunctional family can be a breeding ground for feelings of negativity, stress and unhappiness leads to depression. The people who a re living in highly stressful situations; such as poverty, homelessness and domestic violence, relationship problems, continuously, or community problems and social factors that can lead to depression. The use and abuse of substances, which is common among young people today, can possibly cause chemical changes in the brain that affect mood. Alcohol and some drugs are known to cause depression as a side effect. The social consequences resulting from drug and alcohol can also lead to severe depression.

The most significant life event that occurred to me was when I got my valid visa to UK. This was the most memorable and significant event of life. I adore to come to UK for my further studies and also to enhance my learning and spoken English. Another significant event of my life was when my grandmother died due to kidney failure. I was much attached with her so I felt kind of depressed when she passed away. I missed her care and love as she was very much dear to me. There are many significant life events of mine in which I have gone through hate, anger, depress, joyful, cherishable moments, etc. During my childhood, I had a small accident while playing in school. I was hurriedly taken to the emergency and found out that my left arm got little bit fractured. Since it was in my childhood days, my hand got recovered within a month. Apart from these significant events, another event that had a huge impact ...
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