Silvikrin Advertising Campaign In Saudi Arabia

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Silvikrin advertising campaign in Saudi Arabia

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Silvikrin advertising campaign in Saudi Arabia:4

Saudi Arabian culture:4

The adaptation of silvikrin advertisement to the Saudi Arabian regulations:5

What is advertising and how it affects us?7


Silvikrin advertising campaign in Saudi Arabia


Communication is a complex issue and when it comes to communicate across different cultures with diverse languages and backgrounds the situation becomes more complicated and requires much more effort and skills to get the message wanted without any misunderstood or wrong interpretation of it.

The key for an effective inter cultural communication is knowledge, meaning a well understanding of the culture of your target to adjust the communication strategy according to the people that you are dealing with.

Nowadays companies trade internationally and aim to penetrate the global market and succeed in their business across a lot of countries, these companies have to come up with different advertising campaigns to communicate about their products or services and these campaigns have to match every specific market customers with their behavioural differences.

Procter and gamble is an example of a multinational company that made a specific advertising for its shampoo Silvikrin addressed to the Saudi Arabian society.

Procter and Gamble was founded in the USA 1837 by William Procter from England and the Irish James Gamble, they got married to two sisters and became partners in a small business called P&G manufacturing soap and candle. Today P&G is a multinational corporation that produces a variety of products, global trusted brands, famous almost everywhere such as (Pantene, silvikrin, Gillette, Ariel, Pampers, etc…)

“P&G grows by touching and improving more consumers lives in more parts of the world…more completely. While this statement defines our commercial opportunity, our culture reflects the broader opportunity of improving lives through and beyond our branded products and services.”

P&G uses an advertising provider, Leo Burnett Company which is one of the largest advertising agencies in the world with many branches in several countries; in 2008, Leo Burnett created the advertising campaign for P&G product: silvikrin shampoo in Saudi Arabia.

Silvikrin advertising campaign in Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabian culture:

Saudi Arabia is considered the capital of the Islamic world with conservative people and traditions, women have to cover their hair by wearing a veil, women and men there are separated in most aspects of life and they do not socialise in public unless they are relatives.

Despite these cultural and religious limitations, the position of Saudi women nowadays is very strong and they are present in almost all fields. One of the aspects of this societal change is that they are becoming independent concerning their purchases and have a strong buying power.

These regulations led marketers to make more effort to balance their advertisement with the Saudi Arabian culture acknowledging the high uncertainty avoidance index of Saudi Arabia.

Silvikrin shampoo advertising campaign is an example of using intercultural communications aspects to reach women in Saudi Arabia.

The adaptation of silvikrin advertisement to the Saudi Arabian regulations:

P&G uses the Saudi Arabian branch of Leo Burnett agency because they already know ...
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