Similarities And Differences Between Carl Paladino And Andrew Cuomo

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Similarities And Differences Between Carl Paladino And Andrew Cuomo

Similarities And Differences Between Carl Paladino And Andrew Cuomo

Similarities And Differences Between Carl Paladino And Andrew Cuomo

Economic Policy

Highlights of Cuomo's financial plan include:

give enterprises a levy borrowing of up to $3,000 for each jobless New Yorker chartered for a new job.

replace the "Empire Zone" levy borrowing program with another program in which

Businesses will be suitable for a refund of up to 80% of New York State individual earnings levy denied on the qualifying added occupations they conceive in the State for up to 10 years;

In alignment to specify, a enterprise should signal an affirmation with New York State under which the enterprise commits to conceiving a exact number of occupations, and illustrates that the levy borrowing inducement was a material component in  making its conclusion to relocate to or elaborate in New York; and,


The snare new occupations should last not less than 10 years or the levy advantage will be clawed back by the State on a pro rata cornerstone for each job that is pledged but not conceived or maintained.


Paladino's plan is founded on less government expending and smaller taxes. Highlights include:

Cut levies and expending by 10% in the first 6 months of his management and slash expending by a total of 20% in his first year;

Cut the State's earnings levy on manufacturing

Cut optional Medicaid advantages back by $20 billion

Eliminate the State Legislators' retirement benefit designs and their reduced lifetime wellbeing care treatment since assisting in the State Legislature is a part-time place - or make them work full time for full benefits;

Require a super most of 60% of both Houses of the State Legislature in alignment to lift any state taxes; Paladino is staunchly are against to the healthcare refrom account passed in March 2010. He has said he "would inquire the Attorney General to connect in unison with the ten-plus of [sic] states that will document match contrary to the government government" (to overturn the bill). Paladino furthermore likes to slash Medicaid advantages in an effort to save $20 billion of government total cost (half of it government, the other half conveyed by NY state). Cuomo is a follower of the healthcare restructure bill. However, he furthermore deplores about New York's Medicaid charges being too high. His design for reining in expending calls for restructuring Medicaid by:

Transferring the blame to administer Medicaid from the shires to the state

Shift the administration for setting reimbursement rates from the legislature to the Dept. of Health

Group buying of pharmaceuticals by state and localized authorities and school localities for more charge leverage contrary to pharmaceutical businesses


Position on Social Issues

P )

            Paladino is vehemently are against to the Park51 task, and has said that he would use any lawful entails essential to halt it from being built.

Cuomo has kept protected the right to construct the mosque on the surrounds of devout ...
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