Single Parent Home

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Single Parent Home


Chapter 01 Introduction1

Background of the Study1

Significance of the study1

Aim and objectives of the Study2

Research Questions2


Chapter 02 Literature Review7

Single-mothers and the female child7

Global impact of Single parent9

Gender as Theory and Practice10

Effect on Behavior11

How to improve unusual affects of Single-Parenting12

Single Parenting on the Family14

Reasons that led to lone parenting15

Factors Influencing the Development of Children15

Characteristics of lone parent families:16

Lives of single Parents16

Families with single father18

Families with single mothers19

Effect of single parenting on Children20

Link between parental confrontation and progeny outcomes21

Chapter 03 Methodology23

Mixed Research23

Classification of Research Methods23

Multi-Method Studies24

Mixed-Method Studies24

Steps in Mixed Methodology24

Strength and Weakness of the Mixed Research25





Data Collection Technique29

Secondary Research29

Search Technique32

Literature Search32

Inclusion and exclusion criteria33


Chapter 01 Introduction

Background of the Study

Every child has two places where the child spends most of his time during his childhood. These two places are school and home. At school teachers are responsible for the educational development of the child. On the other hand, parents play the important role in the socializing process, the overall development and growth of their child. Parents role in growing up a child be it a male or a female is very crucial. As it is their responsibility to bring up a child who has good habits, good behavior, has a decent personality and is a responsible citizen too. Due to increased divorce rates in society the number of children living in a single-parent home are increasing too. Studies have shown that the young kids of those families are influenced dramatically, both negatively and positively (Barker, 2003).“Seventy percent of all children will spend some or all of their childhood in single-parent families, and we know that the links between childhood environment and future success are strong”.

Significance of the study

The population is expected to grow to as much as 9 billion people by the year 2050. This increase in population is expected to put more pressure on the environment. Without people adopting sustainable practices, environmental concerns will grow faster. Sustainability is defined as satisfying the need of the present generation without compromising the needs for future generation. It takes into account environmental, economic and social aspects. The aim of this research is to analyse the behaviour of the single parent. What sorts of differences are observed in the single parent who divorced or window?

Aim and objectives of the Study

Followings are the aims and objectives of this research;

To know about the perceptions of the single mothers regarding her child`s Influence in decision making process.

To know about the roles of single parent family

What factors effects the behaviours of single parent child

Research Questions

What are the perceptions of single mothers regarding her child's influence in consumption decision making processes?

What role does reactance play in a single-parent family?

Do age and gender of the child affect reactance? How?

Do children in single-parent families exhibit stronger reactance due to the presence of one authority figure when compared to dual authority figures in traditional households? How


Single-parent children do not have the same life as compared to those children who have both. As in a normal child's case mothers ...
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