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What is the Impact of Growing Up in a Single Parent Household in London?

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Research Question1


Research Method2

Road Map of Literature Review3

Factors Influencing the Development of Children3

Effect of single parenting on children3

Effect on a female child4


Effect on Health6





A single parent is someone who cares for their children without any aid from another person at home. Raising a progeny can be very hectic for a single individual, but it furthermore gives diverse benefits.

Research Question

What is the impact of growing up in a single parent household in London?


Single parents are able to manage and communicate with their young kids in a better kind somehow. By running their families solely, they strengthen their parenting skills and are more dependable in London. With the rising numbers of parental end marriage and young kids born out of wedlock, expanding number of young kids is experiencing living in a single-parent household.

Research Method

This research is founded on the secondary data. The research encompasses the publications, articles and similar studies accessible on the internet. Keeping in view the approach taken in earlier studies the research began with a broad analysis of the existing literature. The findings & conclusions are based on the secondary data. The methodology used for the purpose of this research is based on the secondary data. This research is more or less based on the literature review & the conclusions are drawn on the basis of actual resources listed in the references.

The research approach used is qualitative. Qualitative research is much more subjective than quantitative research and uses very different methods of collecting information which could be both primary and secondary. As already mentioned this study chooses the secondary method. The nature of this type of research is exploratory and open-ended.

The method of investigation used, consists of a theoretical framework of secondary data by reviewing the current position of the photography practices as used in the courtroom presentations. Using secondary data as a basis for conclusion would therefore aim to ensure the reliability & validity of this research by demonstrating how the forensic digital photography would affect the decisions of the courts during the trial.

Road Map of Literature Review

Factors Influencing the Development of Children

There are numerous components that leverage the development of children dwelling with lone parent. These include occupation, earnings, parent's mind-set and demeanour, contact with the other parent, discrimination, learning, parent's age and support from the extended family and friends. Conclusion It can be concluded that the personalities of young kids living with single parent are usually shattered and depart them isolated amidst people (Ponzetti 2003 ,p. 1518).

Every child has two places where the child spends most of his time during his childhood. These two places are school and home. At school teachers are responsible for the educational development of the child. On the other hand, parents play the important role in the socializing process, the overall development and growth of their child. Parents role in growing up a child be it a ...
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