Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God

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Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God


Jonathan Edwards was born on October 5, 1703. He entered Yale University in 1716. At Yale he discovered the work of English philosopher John Locke (has nothing to do with the series "Lost"), Concerning Human Understanding, which led to their own philosophical thought, worthy of an original and profound thinker. Between 1735 and 1737 his preaching resulted in a great spiritual awakening among his congregation, which soon spread to other places. It was a social as well as religious movement, in fact a revolution that reached all the American colonies. In those years brought a deep friendship with George Whitfield, Then an itinerant preacher in America. His most famous sermon "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" brought this conviction of sin in the audit, some clinging to the building's columns gitando I'm going to hell (Edwards, 2009, pp. 208).


In the verses, God hears the threat of the wicked unbelieving Israelites, who were the chosen people of God and live under His grace, but whom, despite his a great job on them, reminded callous, reckless people. After all, that was so carefully done to them; they brought a bitter and poisonous fruit, "In due time their foot slip" seems to hint at something very close to the penalty and destruction of the wicked Israelites who were left to fend for God. And it something can be expressed as follows: They are always at risk of dying, just as always subject to risk to fall, those who stand or walk on the ice. This means that it threatens the way destruction compared with the possibility of slipping.

They are always at risk of dying suddenly, just like walking on ice may fall at any moment.  Suddenly they came to ruin, have disappeared, died of horror." Another truth, which is embedded in the verse, tells us that they are without any help themselves endanger the fall, as well as those who stand or walk on the ice. They do not need any interference received; their weight would overthrow them down.

The reason why they have not dropped and do not fall can be only one. It's not

God appointed time. Therefore, it is said that when it comes - "their foot slipped.”God will no longer support them on a slippery place, will he give them one. And then they will instantly die because they are like people are on edge slippery slope that immediately, as soon as released, and fall be broken.

He was an anachronism to Parrington because in him the conflict of ancient dogma with the new liberalism was re-enacted and resolved in favor of the old. The brilliant idealist metaphysician warred in him with the traditional theologian; and the theologian won. The Emersonian mystic "consciousness of the divine life flowing through and around him, making him one with the Godhead," fought in him with the Calvinistic theocrat; and Calvin won; the new churchman, opening the doors of the sanctuary to all seekers after peace, contradicted in him the loyalist to ...
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