Sir John Soane

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Sir John Soane

Sir John Soane


In this paper, we talk about one of the finest architects, Sir John Soane. Sir John Soane was an English architect who specialized in the Neo classical from of architecture. Sir John Soane was born on September 10, 1753. He was a son of a bricklayer. The works of Sir John Soane are of great importance on the field of architecture. Sir John Soane rose to the top of his profession when he became the professor of architecture at the Royal Academy. He also became an official architect at the Office of Works. Sir John Soane received a knighthood in 1831 for his prestigious works in the field of architecture. Sir John Soane died on January 20, 1837.

The distinguishing factor in the works of Sir John Soane is the clearness and innovativeness of the work. The highlights in his various pieces of work include decisive detailing, massing of simple form, skillful us e of light sources and careful proportions (Soane, 1983). Sir John Soane's architectural works influenced the Georgian era and the importance of his works was felt till the end of the nineteenth century.

Sir John Soane's Neo Classical Style

Neo classical style is basically referred to an architectural style which was produced by the neoclassical movement that began in the eighteenth century. This is basically a style which is originated from the architecture styles of Rome and Classical Greece and the architecture styles of Rome. Sir John Soane tends to exercise the planar qualities of this style rather than its sculptural volumes. The effects of light and shade are more flat in this form of style. The effects of light and shade are influenced projections and recessions in this style (Bires, 2004). Sir John Soane's architectural works greatly reflected the international neoclassical architecture.

Ancient Roman Engineering and Ancient Greek Architectural Ornament

The Ancient Roman architecture and buildings were even by modern standards. The example of the Colosseum is a great example of the modern architectural works of the Ancient Roman architecture. Brick, cement, stone or masonry, marble and concrete were the most common materials used in the Ancient Roman Architecture. Marble was brought by the Romans form Greece which was used as a decorative material in their architecture and buildings. The Romans introduced technology in their architecture which made their buildings and architecture famous and finest works of architecture on the globe.

When we talk about the Ancient Greek Architectural ornaments, it has great importance in the ancient architecture and buildings for their beautiful and attractive designs. The Ancient Greek architectural ornaments were carved into stone or wood. These ornaments represented leaves and other Mediterranean species of various plants. The Greek ornaments were important because of their detailed decoration works that occurred in the historic buildings of the ancient Greek buildings.

Sir John Soane's Famous Architectural Works

Sir John Soane presented a combination of Ancient Roman Engineering and Ancient Greek Architectural Ornaments in his architectural works. The most important and famous works of his architectural works were his interiors in the Lincoln ...
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