Six Books “monsters And Others”

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Six Books “Monsters and Others”


Undoubtedly, Frankenstein is one of the literary characters more often it was made into a film. If you want the Pythagorean tradition that each creature has, today or in the future, something of every other creature over time, each man will be Socrates, will be Napoleon, it will be an anonymous face in a banal interview refugee center.  The monster has no name as it was born as an adult, composed of a variety of limbs and organs of different origin, chosen for their athletic proportions and classic beauty, in the dissecting room of the university and also in the basement of the morgue. The result, as its creator confesses, is not expected: the whole of human pieces, once encouraged life, does not retain the perfection of each of the parties. His yellow skin scarcely covered the frame underlying muscles and arteries, his hair was straight, a brilliant black, his teeth had the whiteness of pearls, but these qualities only exacerbated lush contrast to the horrible watery eyes, whose faded colors was almost identical to the white voids that had been grafted, and withered complexion and straight black lips (Butler, 21).  

The monster created by Dr. Victor Frankenstein is no one denies, not even his own father is an intolerable ugliness. Seeing it is terrifying, and before the terror it causes, the monster attacks or defends, Doctor gives condition that he can only live with human beings on condition of not being seen. He can learn how men live because the old man who is blind houses, can learn lessons from world history in the ruins of the empire of Volney, because the young Swiss who reads aloud the grand volume does not know the monster is there, hidden outside your window. People discover him; chase him to kill him without worrying about whether it is good or evil. The Monster is the victim model: innocent and maligned, incited to force him to violence. As a victim, he wants to know why he is hated. He was not responsible for its presence in the world, as stated by one of the entries of the novel (Bann, 34).


Rossum, is a scientist that invents a great robot. After his success the perfect society Rossum's Universal Robots started producing them in quantity. Robots are machines that are able to think but lack signs of spiritual life and human feelings, express their reputation as the workforce extraordinarily inexpensive, productive and unassuming. The millions of robots successively replace the work of men and the company makes billions RUR by increasing runoff. "Man is in fact an anachronism," said the head of the research for the production of robots. The men, condemned to inactivity and idleness, are no longer needed. All mankind fell quickly into decay, loses the capability to develop, there is even more of newborns. Robots make war and they eventually rebel against their master's men. Their motto is to kill all men, because the robots are much more perfect than men and they will not be controlled by men. The head of RUR has a large and we can ...
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