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Skills Report

Skills Report (AS1)

Personal Statement

The basic objective when I embraced a profession of computer network management that is my love for computer and passion to serve people with knowledge, and accessibility. Though, by the time this basic objective has been strengthen very much, but I have realized that to fulfill my set objective, it is vital for me to work in collaboration with the organization whose aim would be same as mine. With years of professional experience in hand, I could choose any organization to work with, but what compel me to apply in ___________ (name of organization), is the humanitarian approach, followed by ____(name of company).

Besides my objective and willingness to work with ________ (name of organization), I have found that, I meet all the requirements of the desired candidate to fulfill the post of _______ (Position applying for), but what makes me potential candidate for the said position is my proficiency in all areas of teaching, as well as exceptional communication skills and solid profile of working in the field of education.


Personal Information

Name of the candidate: ()







Career Objectives

To work for an organization that maximizes my network management skills while offering a challenging and interesting career path encouraging self development and rewarding initiative.

Abilities and Strength

Team-player Work well under pressure

Great customer service skills

Quick learner

Excellent interpersonal and communication skills Confident in self and abilities

Sound knowledge about Computer and network management

Passionate and enthusiastic

Professional Experience

Student of Network management

Educational Qualifications




Gained a huge amount of knowledge in Computer Science

Very interested in exploring and discovering the written world

Very passionate about new technology and software's

Ability to work to deadlines

Strong troubleshooting and problem-solving skills

Work effectively in a team or as an individual

Great in software learning

Deep knowledge of Network management


Communication is a key leadership skill and the effective use of communication technologies is a requirement for modern leaders. Leaders who lead and communicate via distance face particular challenges when using virtual methods and must adapt styles and methods to suit the virtual environment. Moreover, a strong and efficient communication system is foundational to the development of a strong organization in which employees feel engaged and valued. Leaders today have access to a number of media that can be used as communication channels or as a means of interacting. These media, however, exist separately from the people and what they want to communicate. As note, "technologies are passive and offer only the potential for communication, not the act itself. They are necessary but not sufficient". Simply put, leaders must raise their level of awareness of virtual communication and educate themselves on choosing the correct media for the message to ensure successful communication (Miller, 1999, pp. 46).

Purpose of Communication

The purpose of communication is to get your message across to others clearly and unambiguously, creating mutual understanding. Effective communication entails more than the mere sending and receiving of information; it must convey the sender's thoughts and ideas accurately so they are understood by the ...
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