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Contemporary Motive of Skin Bleaching Across Jamaica, Ghana and India


This paper is trying to explore the concept skin bleaching in Ghana, Jamaica and India in a holistic context. The research question for the paper is: What explains the contemporary motive of skin bleaching phenomenon across post colonize nations such as Jamaica, Ghana and India? There are some dependent and independent variables given to discuss in the paper. The paper also analyzes the need of skin bleaching; rather it is media influence, socio economic status, or beauty and cosmetic reason.

Contemporary Motive of Skin Bleaching Across Ghana, Jamaica and India


In this paper, we are trying to focus on the issue of skin bleaching, which is becoming famous these days. However, women of all centuries wanted to be fair since it is considered the beauty. This paper is specially discussing the skin bleaching habit of the people of Ghana, Jamaica and India. The research question for this paper is:

What explains the contemporary motive of skin bleaching phenomenon across post colonize nations such as Jamaica, Ghana and India? Below are defined the terms of colonization, skin bleaching, and colorism.

We have used hypothesis for researching this question. We also have identified three independent variables (media, status, beauty) for comparing with the dependent variable i.e. skin bleaching. In the end, we have used Mill method of comparison in agreement to know the main cause of using the skin bleach in these nations.


Colonization is a process of territorial expansion and population characterized by migration, occupation and exploitation of a geographical area, the setting supervisory and political domination, cultural, religious and economic, if not genocide , people who had previously established in the territory. Colonization, to differentiate from colonialism which is a doctrine or ideology is practiced by some States on other nations or states then forced to accept at arm's length. This is a process expansionist occupation, which is the establishment of one or more colonies through the foreign influence in other areas. When there is political control of territory and subjugation of its inhabitants, we speak of imperialism on the part of policy-making center called metropolis.


The term colorism is used to describe discrimination within a racial group based primarily on skin hue or color and may also include other physical characteristics such as hair texture and eye color. In the United States and in other countries around the world, the practice of colorism, based within a framework of racism, shows preferences for light skin over darker skin within a community of color. People whose physical features of skin color, hair texture, and eye color are closest to the European standards of beauty are more likely to be afforded greater educational, economic, and social status than their brown- to dark-skinned brothers and sisters.

Colorism among African Americans has its origin in the U.S. enslavement period when enslavers mated with enslaved Africans. The lighter-skinned children of these unions were more likely to be enslaved in the household, while the dark-skinned enslaved Africans worked in the ...
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