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Inhumane treatment at the slaughterhouse

Inhumane treatment at the slaughterhouse

Thesis Statement

Inhumane treatment of animals in some slaughterhouses is cruel.

In a slaughterhouse that there is more blood, and if you visit one you would see watching the lambs cornered, scared, and kill their own species. The reality, believe me, is far crueler. No need to visit a slaughterhouse, there is much research on them with sample videos.

We went up the chain of slaughter, bits of meat to the animal alive. I collapsed at the sight of cows still complete with their coats, hung in the air, his throat slit, his tongue hanging out, emptying their blood ... And the smell of death ... I totally refused to see the animals being killed, so I'm staying there before the dead cows hung in the air.

Of course others have continued to back up the chain to see the animals being cowardly murdered. There was no question that I have seen such a massacre, I had seen enough.

Of course they could not help but tell me how it goes. The cows are crammed into an enclosure, the enclosure and then narrows, and cows are pushed into a hallway, they cannot be one by one, in single file.

Then a barrier, they come one by one in the "room". A device blocks them and keeps them moving, then a man rises above the cow (there is a whole system, like a bridge over the device that holds the cow) and shoves a big edge in the skull (this which is supposed to kill the animal instantly) is like a gun, except it's not a ball that comes out is a big tip that comes and goes, when they pull the trigger this sort of a hit with incredible force and it returns to the magazine.

Another man who is ...
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