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SLP Assignment

SLP Assignment


Based on a complete analysis of existing empirical research, this article provides a framework for understanding the cultural experience of Mexico's population and for innovative approaches to health promotion for women and their families has implications. Square, this population of individuals integrate their cultural values in their answers to everyday health light indicates the complex ways. Occurs in three forms: (Helman, 2000) (a) the cultural expectations and beliefs, (b) may be cultural beliefs, shared source of pressure on the outcome of the tension and stress of labor and complementarity of division within the family and the wider social context may be the environment, and (c ) cultural values, health care system to deal with other concerns, including issues related to access to the less important. In many studies, despite the various ethnic groups to address the importance of cultural competent care, some mental health issues among Mexican-American population are concentrated on. Hispanic ethnic groups, particularly Mexican Americans, the fastest-growing minority in the United States and other ethnic groups have higher rates of depression and psychiatric symptoms.

Identification of a specific cultural group

Compared with their counterparts born in Mexico and US-born Mexican-Americans lived in the U.S. Research Limited, studied the influence of cultural beliefs and values, this is especially evident in the process of Mexican-Americans, access to services and perceptions of service received psychiatric care to look. In addition, some studies of mental health providers around the beliefs and understanding of cultural values of this ethnic group studied. (Helman, 2000) Therefore, in the south Texas border of the first phase of this pilot study of mental health problems among Mexican Americans examined the qualitative aspects. every 7 to 10 participants with low SES eight focus groups (four groups of women between the ages of 40-65 and four groups of 40-65 ...
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