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[Small-Scale Research Project for Real-estate]

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Research Methodology: Quantitative Research1

Benefits of Qualitative Research:1


Mono Method Research Strategy:2


Methods of Data Collection:3

Types of Questions to be designed:3

Open-Ended Questions-Benefits:3

Nominal Data-Benefits:4

Data Sources:4

Gantt Chart6

Discussion of Key Milestones:6

Problems Associated with Research Execution & Recommended Solutions:7

Ethical Considerations in Real-Estate Research Project:7

False or Luring Advertising:7

Respect of Customer Privacy:7

Consensual Research Methodology and Proceedings:7

Ensuring Awareness among the Customers:8

Third Party Research Obligations:8



Small-Scale Research Project for Real-Estate

Research Methodology: Quantitative Research

The decision of Quantitative or Qualitative research is the basic paradigm that governs the entire inquiry process. For the case mentioned, typically for a management research to gauge “Customer Satisfaction” of a small scale project, I recommend making use of a Quantitative approach.

To enable the project manager to grasp an overview of the scenario according to the views of the company and the participants (customers), the use of Ethnographies to study the culture prevalent in the Real Estate industry; specifically in that locality is advised.

Benefits of Qualitative Research:

As the project is of small scale excessive data collection for all localities is not advised. Budget constraints play a major role in small scale projects and therefore Qualitative approach is most suitable according to critics in such cases where the demand is not subject to unpredictable variations. Also as the company aims to address its already aware clients and customers, there need not be much investment for the research process itself.

The results, if favorable, should be used to decide the degree of further investigation. For instance, if the customers show a positive response or inclination towards the growth in the industry; the manager may further pursue the same research problem verification.

According to Gall, Borg, and Gall (1996), Qualitative research is beneficial in case where participant intention is a key factor in any scenario. The acceptance of views pertaining to real estate project in this particular locality will be affected by the culture, norms and values prevalent in that society. The method of qualitative research will help the customers attach themselves emotionally to the project.

The qualitative research will serve as a way of studying the customer buying behavior and the trend of the potential market. The reason why the use of qualitative research is recommended initially is because it relies on minimum population estimates thus leading to low statistical inference errors. The population size is quite observable and the errors not high due to small sample estimations.


The method of qualitative research must be reliable and authentic. The manager should opt for a systematic review and find only the most relevant data. Further investigation via observations, interviews of the target market sample and usage of focus groups that shall help assess the societal trend and culture are recommended.

Once the data has been collected the manager should analyze the data by judging its effect on the company goals and the market. In case of outliers, the reasons for the same and their clarification must be sought out. Minimum biases should be entertained while analyzing the validity of the ...
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