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Relationship between Theories and Social Development of Humans

Relationship between Theories and Social Development of Humans


In order to understand the credibility of education theories, this paper has been tailored and undertaken for the sole aim and objective of identifying and comprehending the comparison that is between planned happenstance and the social learning theory. Since planned happenstance is not much a novel concept among individuals, we shall be discussed the accounts that have been brought forth by different researchers and analysts regarding these two theories. The purpose of this study was to examine the career pathways of adult career changers to understand how unplanned events have informed their career decisions.

How the range of social divisions can affect people's lives and lead to the experience of oppression

Unplanned events are unexpected life situations that some may call luck, while others, fate. Examples might be a parent you have come to know through your child's school that calls to say she has started a new company and then offers a job, or a plane delay that leads to a conversation with a fellow passenger while waiting at the gate, in turn prompting a new career interest. Contingencies can also be known as happenstance events. Sometimes unplanned events can present new and exciting opportunities. I myself belong to a middle-class division, which makes life fairly disturbing and rather difficult to manage since individuals. They also can be tragic situations such as the death of a loved one.

Such unexpected hindrances can be positive or negative and at times referred to as serendipitous event, such as meeting a person one was not expecting to meet. In the best scenario, unplanned events create situations where a person turns curiosity into an opportunity for learning and/or a change in a life pattern, job, or career.

By reflecting on your own personal history discuss how you have been influenced and/or affected by social divisions in British society

Coming from a rather middle-class section of the economy, I have seen and understood that money and economics play a key role in the rise and fall of an individuals living in the society. Although people living here tend to work day and night for earning themselves a living, becoming a key part of the elite has become a rather distant mirage. The societal pressures that come from both sections of the society - both upper and lower class - becomes very difficult for people to maintain a supportive and fulfilling lifestyle for themselves.

Being aligned with reference to career development and progression analysis, John Krumboltz came forth with an effective solution and a practical assumption, labelled 'Planned Happenstance'. According to Krumboltz, the theory caters the need of individuals and young people to deal with and come across with change within the rapidly changing labour market. Managing life's transitions is seen as an essential and effective career management trait (Bandura, Ross & Ross, 1961). At the core, of this theory, is the fact that unpredictable social factors, chance events, contingencies and uncertainties are important ...
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