Social Problems In The Usa

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Social Problems in the USA

Social Problems in the USA


The social problem that we have chosen for our paper is Racism. Racism generally means the set of beliefs of the racial groups residing inside the state. These racial groups are characterized by abilities or intrinsic characteristics, which makes some groups naturally superior over the others. However, the definition of racism is very controversial; there are two reasons for that. First, because of the reason that there is very little scholarly agreement present regarding the meaning of the word race. Along with that there is also very little scholarly agreement present regarding the definition of the word discrimination. However, after going through some definitions regarding racism we can assume that it is the behavior of the person which would be influenced by his racial categorization and makes him a racist. Often, the terms racism and racial discrimination are used to describe discrimination on the basis of religious ethics or culture, while being completely independent of the fact that these differences are described as racial (Memmi, A., 2000).


Racism in the United States of America

The problem of racism has been one of the major issues in the United States of America ever since the colonial era and the era of the slaves. The issue of racism has been pervasive in the society of the United States of America and it still remains a silent code which in a very systematic manner closes all the doors of opportunity on the young and old Americans. Following are some of the sectors of America that have suffered the most due to racism (Andersen, M. L., & Taylor, H. F., 2006).

Effects of Racism on educational sector

The current educational system present inside the United States of America denies access to the children's and adults belonging to different race, cast, ...
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