Social Web And The Impact On Society

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Social Web and the Impact on Society


This research paper is based on analyzing the impact of social web on our society. There are various consequences of social web on our society that have been discussed in this research paper. The paper has justified the increased usage of social media and lack of physical interaction due to the virtual communication systems. We should be extremely careful while using social media as there are many consequences attached to its use.

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Social Web and the Impact on Society


Web has become an important part of our daily routine as most of our activities are linked to it. Email was the first most constructive internet service introduced for masses. The websites served people with an easy access to geographical web. Nowadays, every individual who have an internet service can get connected to any website that is existing worldwide within no time and can get unlimited information regarding the latest happenings around the globe. Cyber cafes and internet kiosks that are existing in all the parts of the country have helped the users in increasing their frequency to use internet services. Even an ordinary user can get an access on Worldwide Web with no problem at all. Due to the frequent use of internet services many social networking websites such as facebook, Twitter, Yahoo etc. were introduced. These social networking websites are serving as a medium of getting connected to all your contacts every time. This research paper is based on providing information related to the consequences of social web and its impact on overall society.


Internet is helping entrepreneurs in managing their business activities across the world and most of their activities are done through internet. Web has come up with highly sophisticated services that have inspired every individual to use it and most of them are aimed to connect people across the world (Gane, 2006). The internet or web was initially introduced mainly for seeking information but by the time it shifted towards social networking and fun. Nowadays, every single individual of the society regardless of their age group is linked on at least one of the social networking website such as facebook, twitter, yahoo, msn etc. These social networking websites are wasting precious time of people as people are more often found updating their statuses on these sites. Due to the frequent use of social web people have become less interactive and it has also affected social activities. All those activities that people were doing in past like meeting friends, hanging out, partying and other interactive activities have declined due to the high usage of social web. Now people do not have time to meet people and share their experience or daily routine activities as they are already sharing it on social media sites.

Social networking has number of benefits but the risks that are identified in the current era are detrimental not only for the people who are using it but for the whole ...
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