Society And Gender Role Expectations

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Society and Gender Role Expectations


Gender is more than an identity possessed by an individual; it is a process that structures social relationships and behavior in the aggregate. The social definition of gender represents the gendered expectations and experiences of men and women in a particular society at a particular point in time. The social definition of gender structures men's and women's relationships with various institutions.


Discrimination can be observed in numerous ways such as gender and racial discrimination. A social system of domination or power abuse, replicated by discrimination, social practices of prejudiced ideologies and attitudes, is racisms.

Racial Discrimination

It is important to note that racial discourse may be taken to mean everything in bureaucratic, legalistic, economic, aversive, scientific, mythical, academic, ideological, linguistic, cultural, or religion. It is quite apparent that media has and will continue to be a crucial part in the way Spanish locals perceive outsiders, especially Latin Americans. This is obvious from the increasing number of racist attacks documented and available as evidence. Latin Americans have been the centre of attention because of excessive media focus on them with their unjust affiliation to anti-social behavior, drugs, gang violence, and other forms of crimes.

For instance, Miss Emily in “A rose for Emily” is described "a small, stout woman in black. Her skeleton was small and spare, maybe that's why it would be just the completeness of the other was obese in her . She looked bloated, like a body long submerged in motionless water, and that a pale shade. ... Her eyes looked like two little parts of coal pressed into a chunk of dough ... "(Faulkner 282-283).

Thus, it is understood that Miss Emily, at this point, short and thick. In addition, at the same point, her voice is described as "cold and dry" (Faulkner 283). Dry means not sufficient water. This can be compared and because of Miss Emily, not having enough contact with other people and not feeling loved or needed. Chill in parallel with the winter season and in winter is the last of the four seasons. Miss Emily is now in the last season or the winter of her life. Just two words that describe her voice shows a lot about Miss Emily at this point in her life. When she was junior, and her dad was still alive, overlook Emily was a allotment different. Compared with her after her father's death, being "small, stout woman in black," she describes in her younger years as "a slender figure in white" (Faulkner 284).

Despite this scientific achievement, we must note that racist ideologies have not been eradicated from our society. Faced with the impossibility of using the concept of race to achieve their discriminatory, racist thinkers have now turned to another concept of culture. Human populations are no longer divided into races but cultures or ethnic groups, multicultural societies have replaced companies multiracial. Although references to the inferiority or superiority is no longer officially accepted, some refer to this "cultural differences" for justify discrimination. These ideologies ...
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