Sociology Of Sports

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Sociology of Sports

[Name of the InstitutionHow does sport fit into the social life and contribute to social stability?


Sociology of sports is the science which examines the study of social interactions and human behavior. It also examines the sports being the part of the culture and social life which adds various dimensions and thinking in study of sports and its exercises. It also describes the relationship of sports with society and answers many ifs and buts regarding the issues of sports and culture.

Nowadays, sports have become an increasingly important social phenomenon that really lends itself to a sociological approach. It is being increasingly practiced and studied in learning of the social aspects of the societies. This study is being highlighted in later 1970's and got attention as an important area to study. This study is detailed and entails vast areas of discussion regarding human psychology, society behaviors and cultural environments. More importantly it gives light to the role sports reflect in an individual's life and other intellectual traditions in the physical study and sociology. Back in 1978 in America, a North American society of sport sociology was founded and it starts working as an outlet for the research in this regard those results in establishment of Sociology of sport Journal in 1984.

Variety of ways are given by sociologists to study the sociological phenomenon of the sport and many writers have considered it as an issue with the rapid involvement and change it brought in societies. This study will discuss the deep analysis of how sport connects to the social life aspects and will contribute to its social stability? The study is mainly on the involvement of sport in any individual's life which would ultimately affect its social life. Further the study involves the theories of sport sociology that relates to the critical issues about the various social and psychological characteristics in sport sociology.

Literature Review

Looking at the background of the sport involvement it is found that sports has become an important element of one's life and even it is leaving huge impacts on the social life of that individual. Before doing a detailed study it has been cleared that sport is playing a crucial role in social life as well as psychological life of oneself. However, sociology of sports includes controversial and critical issues; this is because sports are considered as the microbes of society in which similar societal issues of large societies exists in sports as well. Sociology uses some critical approaches that help in finding alternative paths in order to see the place of sport into our societies and how those issues are represented by sports affect individual in society.

Those controversies which are uncovered by sport sociology are also reflected in our societies. The sports issues include other concepts of race, gender values, class, ability, age, sexuality, religion, politics and economics. Further discussion gives a light to these issues and the critical sociological theories which also involves various approaches thinking about issues of sports and those which influence sports in ...
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