Sociology Of Sports

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Sociology of Sports

Sociology of Sports

Thesis Statement

“Sport is not only playing games, it is a means of socializing.”

Introduction Sociology of Sport mainly uses categorical apparatus of the theory of physical culture to describe highly specialized athletic events, as well as categorical apparatus of sociology. It should be noted that of all the sciences, students of physical culture and sport, sociology tends to rest more holistic study of this phenomenon, which includes combining and synthesizing the knowledge of other sciences.


The Social Dimension of Sport

Sport and Leisure The word "leisure" as well as others used with some frequency, has had diverse meanings skills related to diametrically opposed to the purity of its meaning. Leisure means: "Cessation of work, inaction or total failure of the activity. It is fun or occupation in order to get relaxed, especially in works of genius, because they are taken for rest of other tasks. To the equal defines "idle" as the voice of not working, wasting time or spend unnecessarily. Result is thus evident that in Castilian, except a few exceptions, the term "leisure" has been discredited getting the meaning of "idleness". For many people, leisure is synonymous for idle laziness. These people believe that behind the term Leisure hide a plurality of meanings not included at all, inactivity (at least mental). Through the concept of leisure time has changed considerably. Now we understand it as "part of people's free time" and this free time can devoted to sport in its facets of competition or recreation. They also agree that who, in all cases of leisure attend the same two defining characteristics: the requisites active fun and education-information. This is where sport comes into play with character recreation and enjoyment, or sport spontaneous, simple and great requirements.

The diversity of leisure and freedom and the ability of people to enjoy them is one of the most prominent features of advanced societies. In the free time more and more people doing leisure activities, i.e. those individuals who chose for his qualities of satisfaction staff. In short, Sport can be considered as a job and an obligation or as something pleasant and Recreational. From the social point of view, sport facilitates relationships, aggression and channeled need for confrontation, awakens creativity and sensitivity and significantly improves social climate.

The Social Effects of Sport

Sport has emerged in modern society as an institution of interrelationship between individuals, transmitting of social values. Sport expresses the values of courage, success and integrity.

In our society different sets of values are set by the sport: "the processes of collective identity, social initiation, nationally representative group. For some people it is a form of leisure activity and as entertainment, companionship and rivalry, success and failure. Sport interfere fully in daily life, influences the processes of socialization, determines much of free time and is a key reference point for the processes of social identification of many people. In different countries and different ways, sporting successes become real social demonstrations or even in popular ...
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