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Negative Consequences of Sodium in Processed Food

Negative Consequences of Sodium in Processed Food


Sodium is a commonly used item in food especially processed food. Excess of sodium in food creates problems. Usages of excess sodium consumption cause hypertension, blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases. It is estimated that salt contribute a total of 80% to the processed, and restaurant foods in the western world. The World Health Organization has found out conclusive evidence that excess sodium cause hypertension, and it is not good for health of an individual. In this regard, it has stressed countries and organizations to prepare food with lowest possible amount of sodium. Although the sensitivity, of sodium varies from individuals but it is important to limit the amount of sodium usage because food processors use sodium extensively in order to enhance the food taste, but it may hamper the health of individuals.


Studies show that excess salt usage is very harmful for an individual. It increases the blood pressure of the human body and increases the chances of heart attack and strokes. Eating too much resulting in increased intake of salt will cause osteoporosis, dementia, cancer, and other serious health problems. Human Body need salt daily in order to maintain a fine balance of fluids in body, contract and relax muscles but 500 mg per day of salt is good enough for individuals. When an individual eat too much of salt, brain chemistry is altered, and the human body gets disturbed (Taormina, 2010).

Excess usage of salt also results in addiction. Research shows that consuming salt triggers the release of dopamine, the neurotransmitter associated with the brain's pleasure center, which make it addictive for human beings. It could be as addictive as alcohol or nicotine (Durack, E, Alonso-Gomez, M, & Wilkinson, M, 2008). The more the junk food one uses the more addictive he or she becomes to the junk food and usage of salt. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the consumption of junk and processed food. French Fries, Sandwiches, and Burgers are all part of Junk food. Junk food contains a significant amount of salt. The change in taste and preferences has made researchers think about the issue, and they are working on this problem and finding out the consequences of excess usage of salt.

Chemical Salts are used in processed foods as bleaching agents. It catalyzes a chemical reaction, destroying beta cells in ...
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