Solar Energy And Recreational Facilities

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Solar Energy and Recreational Facilities

Solar Energy and Recreational Facilities


Solar energy is gained from the sun and is the only way the earth gains light and heat. Sun being the closest star from the earth is still 90 million miles away from earth. Still our earth benefits from its light and heat and is enough to meet its requirements. This light and heat is a form of energy and is known as solar energy.

Solar energy from the sun is one of the most essential and easily available energy that man can benefit from. It is the type of energy that is of most importance to humans and nature. Even being so abundant the solar energy is an asset that can be used throughout generations. The use of this sustainable energy today is essential for us and nature so that the world would not have a burden over its natural resources. With the increasing population and demand of resources these resources may eventually dry out. It is therefore important for mankind to switch to the use of sustainable and renewable energy sources. The earth gains more than150 petawatts of power from the sun and can be used in various ways produce different types of energy apart from natural resources.


The solar energy that is gained from the sun is mainly through heat and radiation. The energies that can be used through technology depend on the type of radiation and heat that is required. This is divided into active and passive energies. The active solar energy techniques include fans, panels and pumps. The passive techniques include the use of thermal products and positioning of buildings and objects that can benefit from heat radiation. The solar energy gained from the sun if used in the proper manner is enough to switch the primary energy of the world to solar energy source.

The applications of solar energy are various but mainly these energies can be used for thermal energy, heat energy, lightning and solar power. The main effectiveness of solar energy can be fully obtained by the maximum storage of this type of energy. Since solar energy cannot be obtained all day there is a need to store solar energy for its use in long time durations and in case the weather is cloudy enough that it prevents the availability of solar energy. The use of natural resources nowadays has greatly increased and it is of great concern ...