Solution Focused Therapy And Reality Therapy

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Solution Focused Therapy and Reality Therapy

Solution Focused therapy and Reality Therapy


Solution focused therapy tends to be interpreted as a form of talking therapy which extracts its roots from social contexts in relation to the related objects or phenomenon's. However, Solution focused therapy tends to focus on the objectives of the individual who opts for Solution focused therapy. Irrespective of what problem is the Solution focused therapy concentrates or focuses only on the objectives an individual wants to achieve. As indicated above that Solution focused therapy does not focus on the problems which forced the victim to seek the help of Solution focused therapy which means that the past of an individual tends to become irrelevant (Bill, 2005). Thus, the focus changes form past to the present and the future.

On the other hand Reality therapy tends to be interpreted as advancement towards counseling. It is used to serve the purpose of physcotherapy and allows the therapist to adopt the cognitive-behavioral approach in order to deal with a client who opts to undergo this therapy. However, this approach tends to differ itself from the conformist therapies and treats a patient or a client as a universal human condition rather than framing him or her as mentally ill. It further highlights the fact that since an individual is unable to fulfill his or her needs thus he or she indulges into a certain condition. However, controversies attached to this type of therapy argue that it focuses on unconscious mental procedures which are completely against the spirit of this approach (William, 1989).



In the course of solution focused therapy and reality therapy the importance seems to be on the present and future rather than on the pastas per the spirit of both the approaches it is more important for an individual to live in his ...
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