Solution To Environmental Damage

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Solution to Environmental Damage

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In compliance with the fulfillment of the requirements on the subject “Solutions to Environmental Damage”, the proponent would like to present the proposal entitled “Proposed Strategies to Combat Eutrophication”, in accordance with your instructions.

The main purpose of the document is to propose strategies to control the affects of eutrophication on water. This will help reduce post harvest losses and save the fisheries in water therefore bring positive impact in the environment.

I hope that this proposal will meet your approval.

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This research paper explores the topic of Solutions to Environmental Damage. The study focuses on the strategies to combat the problem of eutrophication. The challenge is to identify which mitigation options can be implemented most cost-effectively under the operating site hydrological conditions. Prospects for control of nonpoint P loss are discussed in relation to recent initiatives introduced in the US where, in the absence of specific regulatory drivers for control, reductions in P loss must rely on voluntary actions taken collectively within the watershed. Integrated control strategies could be implemented, often at relatively low cost and/or with financial advantage to the farmer. Practical management tools are required to help stakeholders identify the key problem areas and avoid them through more precise nutrient and land management. Nutrient management remains a key issue since controls over manure P inputs, and the way they are handled, will have the greatest socioeconomic impact at a range of scales.

Table of Contents

Letter of Transmittalii



Company Overview5

Problem statement5


Agriculture as a Nonpoint Phosphorus Source in the US7

Principles of Nonpoint-Source Phosphorus Control8

Implementation of Control Options in the US Prospects for Regulation10

Codes of Practice10

The Land care Program11

Nutrient Management Plans12

Conclusion and recommendation12


Solutions to Environmental Damage


Company Overview

Koch Fertilizer Company is a subsidiary of Koch Industries. This company is one of largest producer of the fertilizer in the world. It has established the fertilizer plants in US, Tobago, Canada and Trinidad. It meets the global demand of fertilizer through the terminals located at US, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Brazil, UK and France. The headquarters of the company is in Wichita. There are about 67,000 employees working for the company. The company earns about $100,000 million revenue each year. It is being operated in 60 countries across the globe. The main products of the company are urea, ammonia, phosphate, sulphur-based products and potash (

Problem statement

Any agriculture company that uses fertilizers to improve crop yield at affordable prices needs to consider the environmental impact that these fertilizers can have on surrounding waterways. Although these fertilizers are very useful in growing and harvesting crops but they are impacting the environment negatively and have negative after effects, such as harming local water sources currently used to grow food, destroying local habitats, and enraging consumers that are interested in environmental protection. One of the most pressing problems our farms currently face is eutrophication.


The profile of eutrophication and its associated costs has been raised by the Water Pollution control in the US which requires ...
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