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Father and Son effective communication: Stop from moving with his girlfriend

Father and Son effective communication: Stop from moving with his girlfriend


The method I'll be using as a father to convince my son Damian for not shifting with his girlfriend in order to judge their compatibility is coaching. However, I will try to convince him the notion of life that checking out the situation before making things permanent is not always the right approach in sorting some of the lives problems. Thus, it will take time for me, but I'll try to convince my son for not moving in with her for their own benefits (Del Boca, Flinn, & Wiswall, 2010, pp. 35-49).

Coaching is a way of asking questions that tends to empower the listener. Coaching comes useful when a child is doing something wrong than coaching comes into practice to increase his/her understanding on the relevant discussion. However, coaching is a process that facilitates and aims to instruct, develop, inspire, motivate and mentor organizations teams and individuals in order to produce the most feasible results within a specified context. In our case I as a father will be the coach of my son and train him to not follow the approach of “checking out the situation before making things permanent” while selecting a relationship. Coach is a person who acts as a catalyst or facilitator using a range of abilities, skills, or techniques in the process of coaching. Coaches tend to highlight the importance of communication in creating an environment that builds a child's competence, confidence, connection, character, cooperation and sense of community (Del Boca, Flinn, & Wiswall, 2010, pp. 35-49).

However, this paper discusses the importance of communication and the effective communication in child coaching to perform righteous attributes and enhance the positive outcomes of father son relationship and beneficial discussions.


Effective Coaching

Effective communication is essential for the success of all relationships, but especially for the parent-child relationship. On the part of children, parents are often not stabilized before changes in them. I being a coach will use communication that will deliver information and knowledge which will enable my son to learn, build confidence, competence and capacity, and problem-solve in this way he will be able to understand the essence of true relationship and staying with his girlfriend is not the requirement of a healthy future relationship. Communication will be used to motivate, persuade, and provide a reason for ...
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