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Sony Corporation: Restructuring continues, problems remain

Sony Corporation: Restructuring continues, problems remain

Sony Corporation or just Sony is one of the largest companies in the world of origin Japan and one of the leading manufacturers of consumer electronics, the audio and video professional, video games and the information technology and communication (Sejin, 2008, 34)

Identify the reasons that necessitate the need for change the following Howard Stringer's appointment as CEO of Sony in 2005. Using Lewin's Force Analysis, explain how Sony's management can use it to manage the change management process.

The Force Field Analysis is a tool to identify positive forces (energisers) and negative ("Restrainer") change. It used when you want to find the factors that support or are against resolving an issue or problem that the positive can be strengthened and / or negative can be eliminated or reduced (Cartwright, 1951, 4).

Social psychologist Kurt Lewin developed the force field analysis model to help us understand how the change process works. Although developed more than 50 years ago, Lewin's force field analysis model remains the prominent way of viewing this process. “Force Field Analysis.” was designed to help social groups understand and face change; it does have application or individuals.

The model is based on the assumption that all of us want and need a sense of balance or equilibrium. Maintaining equilibrium is influenced by both positive (or driving) forces and restraining (or negative) forces in our lives. Positive information is needed to maintain a comfortable field in which to live. Both driving forces and restraining forces have various levels of power or energy (e.g., strong. weak, moderate). In this model, one seeks to encourage the power or energy of positive information and to lessen the effects of negative information.

Sony Corporation's management can use Lewin force to manage the change management process as:


Sony has strong corporate brand identity

Sony's single biggest intangible asset is its corporate identity or umbrella brand, the Sony. The Sony brand figures in the top list of many brand surveys worldwide. Further, the group is known for using umbrella branding strategy by placing, the product name along with corporate name. For instance, Sony Bravia brand was promoted on the same platform. This strategy not only allows the product to assume its own identity and positioning, but also draws strength from the values of its corporate brand, and gives consumers the assurance of quality. The advantage of using this strategy is that the group can leverage its own corporate identity for launching new products and adding brand extensions. The strong brand identity, hence, provides competitive advantage to the group and its subsidiaries within their respective industries.

Sony has diversified geographic base

Sony maintains wide geographic coverage. The group markets its electronics products throughout the world under the trademark "Sony". The group's product and services are available worldwide. For instance, one of the group's popular gaming products, PlayStation, is available in 58 countries and regions. Also, Sony Pictures Television (SPT) operates in approximately 140 ...
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