Spl 3: International Business Machine

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SPL 3: International Business Machine


The company I am selecting is the US based company, International Business Machine (IBM). However, the reason I have choose this company is because of its share price and the goodwill. It is the largest computer manufacturers in the world. The share price of the IBM is originally around $37, although it is trading overvalued with the price of around $190.29. This overvaluation of the share essentially shows the interest of the public, and the stakeholders in the company, that is of course, because of the outperformance and compliance of the company, itself. There stakeholders were highly valued, and their shares were respected. IBM worked hard over the last few decades to increase the equity of its shareholders. They were corporately and socially responsible. In addition to this, there corporate governance strategy is outstanding. This strategy when aligned with mission seems to achieve the vision and thus increases the trust of the investors in it. It is ranked as number 1 company among top 25 to be a leader (www.money.cnn.com). The leading image of the IBM position in the market has enhanced the company's share value and the brand image. It has also given it a competitive edge over its competitors. According to the data, they are the company handling the 95% of all business in the 1000 most profitable companies of the US (www.ibm.com).

Question 1


IBM's vision is “Provide Solutions for a Small Planet”. The solutions it provides are financing, research, technologies, hardware, software, business and IT services into business solutions for you to achieve your business goals. Its enormous size along with high delivery of goods and the usage of appropriate tools and the computers, IBM has symbolized itself for the whole industry. It is the IT solutions company which provides a wide range of services for its customers (www.ibm.com).

Leading Providers of IT Services

IBM is the leader of the United States technological success for 17 years on the dot. In 2009, the amount of patents readily increased to about almost 4,914. This shows how much the customers rely on them and the confidence of the customers on their technological advancement. This invention and the leadership trait in this industry are however, their ultimate intellectual property. IBM with the collaboration of its business partners has maintained a set of strategies so that they can meet the demand of the customers on time and properly with the compliance (www.ibm.com).

They keep an established track of the environment and the industry position. These regular updates and current information of the external and internal data which affects the organization and the stakeholders some way or the other is helpful for the organization because it provides them with the instant information which could enable them to take corrective actions on the spot.

Strong Research and Developmental Capabilities

IBM is equipped with the latest technology and the workforce. There employees are trained according to the technology they have. They conduct structured training session to update the employees with any new or additional installation (O'Driscoll ...
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