Sports And Social Class

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Sociology informs our understanding of the impact of social class on sport and leisure in society

Sociology informs our understanding of the impact of social class on sport and leisure in society

Introduction Sport is one of the most popular of our time. It expresses some of the great values of contemporary society. The modern stories about good and evil, success and failure, luck and misfortune, victory and defeat, self and others, are found in their popular expressions of sport.

A multidisciplinary approach of social sciences to the phenomenon of sport can help understand the role it plays in our society. In this paper, we analyze some of aspects that create "synergies" between sport and society and culture and sport- education. That is, try to reflect on the social dimension of sport, from the effects this occurs in the forms of human life: integration, socialization or violence. We will also analyze the cultural effects of the sport i.e. its role as an educational tool. The multidisciplinary nature of the analysis should not ignore other aspects of economy, politics and communication, which have a decisive influence in the sports phenomenon. So for example, in the case of communication it is now possible to interpret the modern sport regardless of the reality constructed by the media: "Media communication does not only disseminate the values and social practices of sport but transform them, involving millions of people who have never practiced nor practice any sport.” Likewise, it is proposed that the sociological analysis of sport is beyond the simple analysis of its contents; these contents are in very exceptional social actions (Rituals, massive parties) and they involve the social sphere of everyday culture and education.


The Social Dimension of Sport

Sport and Leisure The word "leisure", as well as others used with some frequency has had diverse meanings skills related to opposed to the purity of its meaning. Leisure means: "Cessation of work, inaction or total failure of the activity. It is fun or occupation in order to get relaxed, especially in works of genius, because they are taken for the rest of other tasks. Idle is defined as the voice of not working, wasting time or spend unnecessarily. Result is thus evident that in Castilian, except a few exceptions, the term "leisure" has been discredited getting the meaning of "idleness". For many people, leisure is synonymous for idle laziness. These people believe that behind the term Leisure hide a plurality of meanings not included at all, inactivity (at least mental).

The concept of leisure has been changed considerably over time. Now we understand it as "part of people's free time" and this free time can be devoted to sport in its facets of competition or recreation. They also agree that who, in all cases of leisure attend the same two defining characteristics: the requisites active fun and education-information. This is where sport comes into play with character recreation and enjoyment, or sport spontaneous, simple and great ...
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