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Sports Essay

Sports Essay

Thesis Statement

Physical fitness is one of the most important aspects of sustaining a healthy and happy lifestyle. It is universally known that every human being needs some kind of physical activity in order to maintain both a healthy body composition and healthy systems of the body, such as the circulatory and respiratory systems.


It is the responsibility of every individual to take care of their body and to recognize that physical fitness is crucial in everyone's life. Many people today, including those in the stressful working world, maintain a healthy lifestyle; and studies have shown that the roots of a healthy lifestyle are from childhood experiences. The development of children depends on their environments and their parents (Hanc 1994). Children with active lifestyles will not only grow up surrounded by these positive aspects, but will also be at a much lower risk for acquiring eating disorders or other physical and/or mental problems (Fitts 2002).

Exercise can be the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle for children, as it prevents depression, promotes confidence and self-esteem, and wards off many chronic diseases. A child brought up to learn the fundamentals of a healthy life would not rely on extreme measures such as bulimia or anorexia. Adolescents involved in athletics gain support from team members, as well as have a feeling of pride for themselves. The pride factor alone keeps many out of trouble with common disorders. Staying busy with sporting events keeps adolescents in constant contact with others, and can rescue them from depression (which often stems from a child's feeling of loneliness) (Andreoli 2002).

Sporting events and other physical activities are sure to keep adolescents busy, involved, and healthy. Along with these positive outcomes corresponds the fact that physical activity helps to keep children focused in school (Nash 2005). A Physical Education class in the middle of a child's day means more than just a chance to wake up. When humans burn energy, their brains release chemicals allowing them to stay energized (Zimbalist 1999). The more energetic a student stays, the greater the chance of him/her staying awake and alert during class. Furthermore, serious students are apt to become highly stressed during parts of their educational experience. When the human body burns energy, it also releases chemicals in the brain that help to relax the person. Overall, exercising helps children in the classroom by keeping him/her energetic, yet relaxed, and in control of him/herself.

Routines and habits begin to develop from the time they are born (ie. they will sleep at certain times and will eat at certain times of the day). Studies have shown that if parents expose their children to physical activity, it is more likely that the children will grow up enjoying exercise and will also keep up a routine of physical fitness for the rest of their lives (Andreoli 2002). Parents only need to set a solid foundation for their children and they can build their way up from there on their own, but it is not always as ...
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