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SSPl Assignment- Planning & Reflecting at Postgraduate Level

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Task 1- Research Strategy2

Task 2- Project Plan5


Task 3- Short Essay9

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Task 4- A critical Reflection12


SSPl Assignment- Planning & Reflecting at Postgraduate Level

Task 1- Research Strategy

Research strategy development is not an activity that is new; for students at post-graduate level this is a normal task to have strategies in black and white within the circumstances of a progressively more outcome focused and competitive approach towards research management (Kirkland, 2005). Recently Murphy (2006), for instance, published a call to geographers for engaging more visibly and directly in public debates regarding the most important social problems for both the benefit of the human comprehension of the social problems and for protecting the geography's academic discipline (e.g., Taylor-Gooby & Zinn, 2006).

Within the United States of America, where the research promotion's history might be longer (Graham,, 2000), numerous particular methods to promote research of social work have came to the surface from within the constituency of social work in the past ten years. The IASWR (Institute for the Advancement of Social Work Research) converges the attempts of 6 constituent social-work research organizations, national social-work, and social-work education for advocating research of social work (

Researchers who are beginners normally consider researching as a process that is liner. It begins with gathering each of the sources, which one requires, after which the researcher goes thoroughly from each of the source, and lastly the researcher starts writing the research. From the outside, such a process seems to be a strategy that is effectual of data gathering. Actually, it does not go that good. If the researcher attempts for gathering each of the resource straight away, he / she would most probably:

Not have adequate time for incorporating the new materials comprehensively within his /her paper's fabric;

Consume time at the library or online at the end moment, endeavouring for filling the gaps within the research, or

Spend money purchasing articles, which he / she do not need.

Figure 1: Liner strategy development process

As an alternative of working in a linear way, one could consider the process of research as a cyclic process:

Starting by reading what he / she find and gathering a few on the information found. Asking questions from themselves and making notes;

Going back and gathering a little more data for trying to respond to their queries;

Persist on doing this till the time the researcher feels that he / she comprehends the topic of the research in a better way and as much as necessary for writing the research paper, and

Being certain of giving themselves some time for thinking regarding what he / she has learned. Writing a good research means that one analyzes the material gathered and has though critically regarding the material and the topic of the research.

Figure 2: Cyclic strategy development process

For the purpose of this topic (i.e., Planning & Reflecting at Postgraduate Level) the research strategy that was developed followed the cyclic strategy developed process as shown above ...
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